How effective is hair weaving

How to weave hair

One way to mix up fashion and add a new flair to your look is with a new hair tissue. Many women are never interested in getting their hair braided in the salon, so with the right tools I will walk you through the steps you do yourself at home. I will walk you through three parts of this feat.

First part

Creating your base braids

Step 1: wash and condition your hair

The first thing before performing the weave is preparing the hair by washing it. Just do a normal wash and give it a good conditioning and dry it well.

Step 2: Gather the Supplies You Need

Braid your hair in a series of cornrows so that it forms the base for your braid to be sewn on. The tools you will need for this exercise are a wide-toothed comb, a fine-toothed comb, a hair pick, 2 to 3 large ends of your hair to keep the hair away from your face, and a detangling spray.

Step 3: select your part

Choose your part to place your hair in. Remember, you can't change your part until you take out the fabric, so choose it carefully and pay attention to the fashion. Your part should occupy about half of your head.

Step 4: braid the edge row.

First, you complete a small braid that wraps around the outer edge of your face, head, and neck.

Step 5: start braiding your part

Braid two rows of hair on each side of the part so that your part is visible.

Step 6: finish braiding your part.

The braids should be parallel to your part and you should be working the head down in the horizontal cut.

Step 7: start with the middle braids

Braids running from either side of your part create full braids that wrap around your head.

Step 8: finish braiding the braids

Second part

Step 1: Gather All of Your Supplies

You will need at least two human hair wefts for your weave, curved sewing needles, weaving yarn that matches the hair color. You will also need a wig hat and a pimple or fine comb for separating hairpieces.

Step 2: prepare the needle and thread

Cut a 2 to 3 foot long piece of your weaving thread. Thread one end of the string through your needle and wrap the ends of the thread around your fingertip. Tie them in a knot.

Step 3: put on your wig cap

Use the wig cap to completely cover your entire hairline by going over your ears, forehead and neck to completely cover your braids.

Step 4: sew your wig hat to your braids

Step 5: Sew the wig cap to the circumferential braid.

Step 6: sew the wig cap around your part.

Step 7: cut off the excess wig cap

third part

Sew on extensions

  1. Step: Quantify your extension hair for the circumferential braid.
  2. Step: Measure the extent to go around the outside of your part.
  3. 3rd step: prepare your thread.
  4. Step: Create your base knot by the weft of the extension.
  5. Step: Start by sewing the extension to your wig cap.
  6. 3rd step: continue sewing your perimeter extension.
  7. Step: Sew your extension around the outside of your part.
  8. Step: Start by filling in the rest of your head with the extensions.
  9. Step: finish filling in your head.
  10. Step: Sew on your fastener on your part.
  11. Step: Create your fastener for the back of your part.
  12. Step: Adjust your locking piece.
  13. Step: Sew your clasp to your head.
  14. Step: cut and style your braid.

The task is now complete. The braid is now in your head. Now it's up to you to cut and style it to your personal preference. Be careful when cutting as this will be permanent because your hair won't grow back. It is not easy to keep up with fashion in terms of weaving. Still, you can be successful. Take care of your fabric's regular care, but avoid washing it too often as this could loosen the straps and your wig cap. If you follow the steps above, you will stay fashionable.

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