Do you believe in tomorrow

Club of the Blue World - What do you believe in if tomorrow was your last day?

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Author:Albert Espinosa

Blue World Club - What do you believe in if tomorrow was your last day - Roman



(ISBN-10: 3442221862)
Status:slight signs of wear
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Gold man

Format:184x126x13 mm
Weight:167 g
Publisher's text:When the hero of the novel enters the doctor's office and his pitying look meets him, he immediately knows: he is going to die. He has three days left. Never before had he loved life so much as when he began to lose it. Almost like a dream, he embarks on his last journey and arrives at a mystical island. It is the farewell station of a group of doomed adolescents who have come here to leave the world behind, especially that of adults with its fixed rules, false compulsions, feelings of guilt and never-ending obligations. Because in the face of death they know that every moment, every second counts. As usual, captivating, in powerful, fabulous images and with touching, true questions about life, Albert Espinosa invites his readers to follow him into the blue world.
Keywords:Club of the Red Ribbons, Salinger, Die
Offer from:14.11.2020
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