Can I be reborn in myself

To be born again

Bad Antogast, Germany

Q: Can you please explain to us why we should avoid being born again?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
You wake up realizing that there is so much misery in life. And misery is something you don't like. You don't want misery. But it is there in life.
Between husband and wife, father and mother, mother and daughter, daughter and son. There is misery with friends and misery with enemies. Even your body brings you misery. Whatever you do, there is always some misery associated with it.
If you are born in this world you are dependent. As a baby, you can't even get up by yourself, someone has to pick you up, and someone has to clean you.
You are dependent from birth, and you become dependent in old age, while money lulls you into the wrong idea of ​​being independent. This is why we speak of Maya. Maya means giving the wrong impression.
If you give someone a few dollar bills, they'll work for you, and that creates a sense of independence.
There is addiction in life. Where there is addiction, there is misery.
What feels miserable is not comfortable and you don't want it.
That's why people say, “I don't want to be born again. It's enough!"
Just imagine that you had to go to school again, were at the end of your tether, then went to high school and had to relive the crises of teenage years.
Look at all of these teenagers who have puffy faces and are so angry. They are mad at their parents and don't know what to do.
And look, it's not just your enemies that worry you, but your friends as well.
Everything is a concern.
Your mind is as occupied by your friends as it is by your enemies. They all worry you.
Besides all of the worries mentioned, your mind is your greatest concern.
Nothing in the world can worry you as much as your mind, I can tell you!
In fact, it is your own mind that worries you, even though it looks like the others are.
You want freedom from your own mind, so you say, "I don't want to be born again."
Wisdom is realizing that it is your own mind that is troubling you and not someone else.
And when wisdom comes up, you say, “I don't mind being reborn ten times, or a hundred times, or a thousand times. I will come!"
Then you realize that life is joy, that life is bliss. That is wisdom!
I said yesterday that the ghost is our best friend and our worst enemy.
He sees an enemy in a friend and a friend in an enemy.
Your mind can twist and warp, create its own hell and heaven.
When you say, "I don't want to be born again," it is really freedom from the Spirit that you want.

Q .: How should one deal with people who have very large egos and whose behavior affects the lives of others?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Let her have a big ego, why do you mind?
Make your ego bigger, end of story. You will find that you actually have an even bigger ego yourself, I can tell you!
Let others have an ego, what does that matter? Have you signed a contract that obliges you to destroy or downsize everyone else's ego?
When someone has a large ego, nature will empty them. One day he will feel miserable. Leave it to him. Let him enjoy the music.
Why do you allow yourself to feel miserable because you think you have to watch the egos of others?
Do what you have to do, do what you can, and move on. That's all!
We should just move forward in life.
If someone is angry with you, you can stand up and yell at them or yell at them, "Why did you do this to me yesterday, the day before yesterday, ten years ago?"
But I tell you that if you speak of a mistake that occurred yesterday or a month ago, you are sure to destroy the present moment. You destroy the beauty of the moment.
I decide right now, don't care what happened in the past and I won't destroy this moment! Enough!
The world is like an ocean and things like that happen. They happen and go away.
For no apparent reason, friends become enemies and enemies become friends.
Whether someone becomes your friend or your enemy is subject to the strange laws of karma. That's why you should put them all in one basket and relax. I do it that way myself.
You have done so much good for someone and yet the person is still angry with you or complaining about you. What to do?
Don't chew on it and thereby destroy the present moment with the past.
Isn't that a good idea? Let's celebrate right now!
In the past I used to listen to people, all of their stories and mutual complaints.
Suddenly I realized that I didn't want to listen to this anymore so as not to destroy the energy of the present moment.
Mind your own things, this is your karma. That's what people used to say.
They would never have acted like advisors and listened to all of your stories. They would have said, "Come on, wake up, now!" And snapped their fingers.
That would have made a significant change in mind, energy, and time.
But you cannot start right away, otherwise you will be labeled as rude and insensitive.
Do you understand?
You have to take it slow. You have to listen to the people. I've done it for so many years too.
But at some point it should come to a point where you say: "Well, not anymore!"
Sometimes it happens that older people don't stop at home. They love to complain. If someone listens to them, it gets even worse.
At a moment like this, you should put music on and say, “Come on, let's dance! Stop complaining! "

Q: Gurudev, you said 2012 was the year of bliss. Then why was it such a tough year?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
The year of bliss is not over yet, it will last until the end of March. That's still three months. You know, it's good when you're upset inside. Then you wake up.
Things happen not only in the external world, but also on the spiritual level. People come here for spirituality and then get caught up in so many other things.
Recently someone came to me and I asked them, “Why did you come to me? You came for the knowledge. Now you leave the knowledge aside and think about everything else. "
Come on! If the world is bad, it is for good reason. You'd better straighten up!
If you fail to recognize your own mistakes, you will see mistakes made by everyone else. You think everyone is bad and only you are okay.
I tell you: people who think this way are seriously wrong. They are not spiritual seekers. A true seeker observes himself, wonders what he can do better, and then tries to do it.
You can't complain that it is cold in Germany in winter. It's just like that. It is good to be in the house.
So use the knowledge. That is the only truth and the only reality. Knowledge, meditation, and spiritual practice give you an inner strength that allows you to move on with a smile, no matter what the circumstances.
Isn't that what we all strive for?
That inner strength that doesn't allow - whatever may come - that someone takes your smile away from you.
It is extremely necessary.

Q .: How can one achieve and maintain inner strength?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
By waking up in this knowledge.
It shouldn't be that you come only once a year, listen to a little knowledge, and leave again. To keep things going, you have to build them into your daily routine.
Humility is also important. Sometimes people become dull when it comes to knowledge. They think they already know everything.
This kind of arrogance should be stopped: “I know the knowledge. What else is there to learn? "
It is important to constantly revive the knowledge and to look over and over again at the same points that you are familiar with.
This is not a strenuous or difficult task, and even if you lose knowledge for a moment, it will come back in a moment.
You know it is coming back, that it is there, and that you are not really losing it.

Q .: Dear Gurudev, can you tell us why it is good to get out of the comfort zone where we feel safe and do things that we do not like or that we are not comfortable with?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
If you get out of your comfort zone from time to time, it will increase your performance and strength. You get stronger.
You are so trapped in your comfort zone! That is the reason for your fear, your worries and your lack of freedom. Your comfort zone becomes your bondage.
Sometimes when you wake up and resolve to get out of something, it brings you strength back.

Q: Why do people we love commit suicide? Can't you feel our love
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Well, they have not come into contact with the knowledge and do not know what it means to be alive or to die.
They have no idea about their life energy or their life.
They become so obsessed with their comforts that they commit suicide. It is the people who want a lot of comfort who kill themselves. They have no tolerance for frustration and cannot bear the slightest discomfort.
In such a moment you need more life energy.
The more you ask someone not to commit suicide, the more they will want to.
Sometimes I say, “All right, you can kill yourself, but climb Mount Everest and jump down from there. Don't hang yourself up at home. You should have at least one adventure in the process, and if you die, you die. Good luck!"
It's so stupid to commit suicide! These people have had no contact with the wonderful knowledge and do not know the value of life. That is why it is so important that we all teach something about their breath.
When the life energy is really low, thoughts of suicide appear. If the life energy is high, then such thoughts will not arise.
If the life energy is high, there is no crime. You will not become violent towards yourself or others.
Therefore, people need to be taught Sudarshan Kriya, breathing exercises, meditation and all these exercises.
Also, people with suicidal tendencies should serve others.
In ancient India, no one received knowledge until he made a serious effort to do seva. The people had to stay in the monastery for ten or twelve years and serve a lot. Only then was knowledge passed on to them.
When the body is in shape from work, the mind becomes fit and humble too. It's like martial arts. Mind and body are coordinated during training.
In the army, too, there is appropriate training so that your emotions are not everywhere and you don't just think about yourself.

Q: Dear Gurudev, when we have problems or have to make decisions and receive an answer from the voice within, how do we know who is speaking? Is it our mind, intuition, or the divine itself?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
It's all the same, don't worry about it. It is not necessary to analyze this too much. Just feel good. When we're comfortable, the right answer comes up.
The intuition cannot emerge when we force ourselves. It is a natural phenomenon.