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The right software for designing labels: our guide for you

We see labels everywhere: In the office they are used to organize and send Letters and envelopes. But even in the supermarket we see them everywhere they go Wine andBeer bottles or other foods Give personality.

If you have a Label software for home or work looking you've come to the right place: this is our guide to the best Software programs for printing labels! Here we explain how you can Labels with Excel or print with Word and intuitive Online programs for creating labels can use like Canva or Adobe Spark!

Print labels with Excel

A very useful one Label softwarethat you probably already have installed on your PC Microsoft Excel.

You can Print labels with Excelwhich is especially useful when dealing with information contained in large databases or tables. Compared to Printing labels with Word you atone with Excel some personalization options, but you can guarantee that you can prepare and print your labels quickly!

Let's take a closer look how to print labels with Excel. The first thing you have to do is the data to be printed Distribute over several columns to adapt the file to the label sheet to be printed. Let's say you want to print on a very common format, such as an A4 sheet of 24 labels measuring 70 x 36 mm each. In this case you have to split the database to be printed into three columns.

Now open the "Page layout" tabto see the preview more easily. Select all cellsto set the width and height of all cells: in this case 70 x 36 mm. Now set the edges in the section Margins> Custom Margins to zero and on the same page check the box "Center on the page horizontally and vertically ".

Now you can Print your labels with Excel. We recommend that you make a test print on a normal sheet of paper. Then place the printed sheet on top of the label sheet and see if you need to further adjust the margins by holding it up to the light.

Print labels with Word


If you use Word as Label software you undoubtedly have more options for personalization: you can easily change the background of the labels, adjust the font size and color, and even add images.

In addition to Printing labels in Word you can with this software Hundreds of templates either use it directly or adapt it to your requirements. That's how it works:

When you create a new document in Word, you will find the below the search bar "Labels" category (or alternatively type the word "labels" in the search bar). From the overview you can select the type of label you want: Shipping labels, CD case labels, Mason jar labels, gifts, and even political campaigns.

Well you can Manually edit the contents of your labelsby entering the text you want and release for printing.

On the other hand, if you want to use an external databasecontaining the information to be printed, just use the tool "Mail merge". In this way you can link your Word file to an Excel database containing the labels and send them to print. That's how it works:

First you need to prepare the excel spreadsheet. There are different tricks: The most important is that you distribute the data to be printed in different columns (for example: first and last name, address, personal message) and insert a description of the respective content in the first line.

Now create a new word file and select im "Shipments" area the option "Start mail merge"> "Labels". Here you can choose the type of label sheet you want to print or set a personalized format. After creating the label sheet, you need to select the Excel list that contains the data to be printed. To do this, click on "Select recipient"> "Use existing list". Now insert the fields to be printed into the first label (e.g. first and last name, address) by clicking on "Insert mail merge field". Furthermore you can also insert pictures or graphics and change the background color. When the first label is ready, click the button "Update labels". To preview your labels, click Preview Results.

Now you can print your labels by clicking on "Finish and merge" click.

Canva: The online label printing program

Next we'll do with a very intuitive one Online program for labels further: Canva. This Program for creating labels is in its basic version free of charge and its strengths are in Hundreds of beautifully designed templates to get you started.

After choosing a template that you like, you can use it in a very intuitive way Drag and drop of the individual elements by using Photos and illustrations insert, Edit texts and add interesting filters. If you want to change the dimensions of the labels, however, you have to subscribe to the premium version. The same applies if you want to use templates or photos that are not marked as “free”.

This is especially useful for teams Ability to work on a project with multiple users. At the end, you can download your print-ready labels in PNG, JPEG or PDF format.

Adobe Spark: A simple and intuitive labeling software


As another very intuitive one Label program we want to introduce you to Adobe Spark. This Program for creating labels is free and builds on one Online platform on. You just have to register - also possible with one of your social media accounts - to access the free version to access.

We recommend Adobe Spark as Label printing software especially for beer or wine designs and if you are not severely restricted in terms of format; because this is difficult to adjust.

In contrast, you can with a few simple clicks thanks to this software Create labels with a particularly modern design. in the "Layout" area you can determine with just a few clicks how you want to arrange the elements of your design and whether you want to use the “Magic Layout"Want to activate. In this case, the label program arranges the various elements (Name, logo and other information on the label) automatically and thus creates particularly trendy design compositions.

Labeljoy: The label program with barcode function


A Label program that is particularly useful for companies, is undoubtedly Labeljoy. This is especially true if you're in a Database (such as an Excel list or CSV file) work and a barcode or QR code need to paste on your labels.

The program is available as a free demo version, with the "trial" stamp being added to your label. You can buy the program from € 39. In its Full version is Labeljoy an extremely useful one Label program: In order to set your layout, you can choose from almost all standard label sheets or you can adapt it to your desired size. The program can connect to the most important databases (such as Access, Excel, Outlook, Sendblaster, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) and use many different types of barcodes.

Beer Labelizer: The software for labels for beer bottles


And now a completely different one Label software: Beer Labelizer. As the name suggests, this one serves Program exclusively for creating labels for beer bottles. You have the choice between 17 templateson which you can adjust the text and insert pictures. Personalization options are very limited, but it is a Label program with charm and originality.

To use all templates without restrictions, you must take out a monthly subscription for $ 1 or a lifetime subscription for $ 8.