What animals have split hooves?

Rites and customs

Judaism knows certain requirements for the consumption of food. These are summarized under the term kashrut.

Kosher means "pure", "allowed". Only mammals that are both ruminants and have split hooves are permitted for consumption: beef, lamb, goat, etc. Their products are also permitted, e.g. their milk. Any poultry iskosherunless they are birds of prey. Fish are allowed if they have both scales and fins. Predatory fish, seafood and shellfish are notkosher (Hebrew "taref", yidd. "trejf").

Blood is forbidden

The consumption of blood is strictly forbidden, since according to the Jewish view the soul of the animal “lives” in the blood. Because of this, the animals must bleed to death before they are eaten. The Jewish slaughter method, thatShafts (Hebrew "Schechita"), ensures that the animal bleeds to death. With the JewishShafts the animal is stunned and killed at the same time with a single, sharp cut through the trachea, esophagus and certain nerve tracts. You can do this with a surgically sharp, scratch-free and long knife.

"Don't cook a kid in its mother's milk"

The joint consumption of dairy and meat products is not permitted. This is based on the Bible verse “Do not cook a kid in his mother's milk” (Ex. 23:19) A pizza salami or a schnitzel with cream sauce are therefore notkosher. After a meat dish, you have to wait a few hours (up to six hours depending on tradition) before eating a dairy dish. Conversely, after consuming a milky product, you only wait up to an hour to eat sausage or meat.

The separation of dairy and meat products also affects the dishes and pots that traditionalJews are also separate and therefore available twice - for both meaty and milky dishes.

Eggs, fish, vegetables or fruits are considered “neutral” (“parwe”); they are neither milky nor fleshy and can be consumed with either. Nowadays, some dairy dishes can be made with soy products, which are considered parwe, which avoids the simultaneous consumption of dairy and meat products.