What is the life of the mosquito

What has the mosquito ever done for us?

"The book (...) is enormously complex and thematically comprehensive, always exciting - and it encourages people to be active, to stand up for the preservation of diversity."
Frankfurter Rundschau

"(...) a book like a wake-up call!"
Michael Lange, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»It is simply a beautiful book that is written in a curious way, brisk and engaging, but never intrusive. It is safe to read, and yet it changes our view of our environment. "
Dr. Ralf Klinger, Usinger Anzeiger

"The book shows the importance of biodiversity for our everyday life [...] - a clear appeal to all of humanity."
NATURE CONSERVATION and landscape planning

"In an entertaining and understandable way for everyone, the biologist and economist explain why every life on earth plays some role and why diversity is important."
Anette Elsner, Anette Elsner

"(...) In the end, you may not have grown fond of the mosquito, but look at it with respect - and treat it to the small blood donation every now and then."
Anette Elsner, Thuringian State Newspaper

»Humorous, easy to understand and wonderfully clear. As is so often the case in life, with this book title it is also worthwhile to read the small (er) printed matter: Because it's about us all! "
Ricarda Wenge, MDR Knowledge

"(...) has what it takes for the big bestseller lists."
Max Göhrs, BIO spectrum

"(...) unreserved reading recommendation."

"This book belongs in every school library because it describes the diverse networks of species in an easily understandable way."
Georg Horntrich, Philosophy / Ethics