How to make interactive infographics

12 tools you can use to create stunning infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words! There is more truth in this proverb than you might think ... Even if many people call the hype about infographics dead again, you should try them out on your blog.

Peer Wandiger wrote a good, if somewhat older but still current, article about infographics: What are the benefits of infographics? - A successful practical example plus tips.

But maybe you don't have graphics software on your computer at all. To test an infographic on your blog, it is probably too expensive. And familiarization with such complex software should not be underestimated. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools online that you can use to create impressive infographics with little effort and training.



With Dipity you can easily create beautiful multimedia timelines. The service is free and you can log in with your LinkedIn account. impresses with its easy-to-use user interface. Different templates are offered, which you can then adapt according to your wishes and needs. Simply move the desired elements using drag & drop.



This tool allows you to easily create diagrams. In a short time, you can create first-class charts based on your data. You can either import the data or enter it manually.

To create static and interactive infographics, is one of the first choices. Simply import your reference data and the integrated help will support you in creating a diagram or a great infographic.


InFoto Free

InFoto Free is not an online tool but an app for your Android smartphone. With this app you can create and publish great infographics about your photography behavior. Where you took the most photos or what time of day and night you take most photos are just a few examples of the possibilities.



Another first class and innovative tool is Piktochart. With this tool you have one of the largest selection of options. There are templates and you can use different fonts and import your own images. The infographics can also be edited simply by dragging and dropping. Then you can either export the graphic as an image or integrate it directly into your page via HTML.



The great strength of StatSilk is the creation of charts and the visualization of statistics. It is also suitable for creating interactive maps.


TimeLine JS

Another online tool that specializes in creating an interactive timeline. TimeLine JS offers a very intuitive operation and easy template creation. The database can be imported in various ways such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and others.



Venngage isn't just a great infographic creation solution. Another function is the tracking etc. of the created infographics. So you can see how your created infographic is received by your visitors and fans. You can create a limited number of graphics each month. If you need more or an export, you have to resort to the paid version.

The visualization of statistics is also in the foreground with this solution. However, with you can not only create infographics but also presentations & videos etc. For all of this, however, you do not have to have any previous knowledge but can produce it in a short time.

This online tool is mainly used to present yourself, your strengths and areas of expertise, etc. Everything there is about you that can be graphically represented. The integration in LinkedIn is great to spice up your profile graphically with your data.



You are probably familiar with the so-called 'word clouds'. You don't have to be a talented graphic artist to create these clouds of terms, texts or keywords. With Wordle you can create these in no time. Either you enter the text or the words manually that are to be processed or you can create a word cloud from a website.


To make this a little more clear to you, I finally created a Word cloud from the landing page for my Personal Branding StarterKit.