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Limits constrict us: We help you overcome your business boundaries and achieve success abroad

The export manual

Why export? Quite simply: the market in Austria is limited. The Bavarian market alone is one and a half times larger than the Austrian. But it is just as easy to break through this border, because exporting is easier than you think: In their detailed export handbook, the colleagues from the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce have summarized what you should consider when taking your first steps across the border. From A for export restrictions to Z for customs regulations.

There is also an entry fee for the brave: The go-international internationalization offensive also supports you financially in your internationalization efforts.

Do you want to venture your first time? Our experts from the regional chambers will help you step across the border. Just sign up!

We support you with export and import

We advise you on your export and import projects so that your business border crossing does not turn out to be a leap in the deep end. And we want you to jump as far as possible: The go-international internationalization offensive offers many different funding programs for market entry, market cultivation and the source business abroad.

Jump-start aid for exporters

If you are at the very beginning, our experts from the regional chambers take you by the hand and under the microscope. They check with you whether you are adequately prepared for your project, help you to assess the effort and prospects of success and define target groups and test markets with you. In the end, your idea becomes a strategy. This makes it easy for the foreign trade center, which accompanies your first market entry, to find partners.

Let the colleagues in your regional chamber know! Together we take the first steps towards export.

Export finance

Only those who sow can reap. Up-front costs and risks should not be underestimated, especially when doing business across borders. House banks, export funds, Kontrollbank, AWS and private export insurers have many answers to questions about financing, securing export transactions and direct investments.

Our experts will work with you to find the best solution and suitable partner. Contact us!

Export subsidies

Do you want to export for the first time or open up a new export market? Would you like to know which funding opportunities are available for this? During a consultation, we will evaluate the various funding options with you and put together a tailor-made export funding package for your export project.

We have an overview of all funding measures and ensure that you can find your way through the funding jungle!

Secure and finance activities abroad

Risks can rarely be ruled out. - But it can be minimized: With the export guarantees of the federal government and refinancing through your house bank, the Österreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB) offers powerful instruments that strengthen Austrian companies and their partners in global competition.

Here you will find the current coverage guidelines for project business, capital goods deliveries and investments in Sudan.

Export processing and export documents

Our export professionals

  • advise you on customs procedures,
  • help you with the export documents that accompany your export goods,
  • know everything about export regulations and export control and
  • support you in determining the origin of your export product.
  • In short: We are your consultants in all questions of export processing!

The specialists in the regional chambers know about certificates of origin, ATA carnets and other documents required for export and will be happy to certify them for you.

Import advice

You can even work internationally from home: other markets also have beautiful products and services. In order for your deliveries from abroad to get to you smoothly, the colleagues of the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce have summarized in their detailed import manual what you have to consider when importing or moving goods to Austria.

Do you want to import? The specialists in the regional chambers will help you bring the world to Austria. Just sign up!

Sources of supply

Anyone who wants to survive in competition must constantly ensure that they purchase the necessary preliminary products in the required quality from reliable suppliers at the best possible prices. We identify these suppliers, check their creditworthiness and performance, transmit your specifications and obtain offers. If you value discretion, you are welcome to hide behind us at the beginning. And it goes without saying that we will also support you with the processing of a procurement transaction.

Would you like to get one of our foreign trade centers on board as a purchasing organization? There is support here on the procurement markets of the world.

Market analysis

An overview of the sales and competition situation in a target market belongs at the top of the toolbox of an exporter. The ascent to the viewing platform is a walk with us. Every delivery of goods across every border is statistically recorded worldwide. We know how many drills Brazil imports or where Belgium delivers baby food.

The experts in our service center in Vienna evaluate the mess of numbers in a huge database for you, tell you what information you need and provide tailor-made goods flow analyzes that help you to find your niche.

Foreign trade and customs law

Anyone who wants to import or export must also know the legal framework for this. We have put together an overview of the most important provisions in Austria and the European Union for you.

For information on trade and investment agreements, see Law and Taxes in Sudan. And if you want to set up a company in Sudan: We will provide you with the most important information on establishment and investment protection.

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy