Women are always allowed to exercise

Weight training for women

Do you forego strength training because you fear that you will soon look like a female Popeye? Don't worry, there are many myths about strength training. Above average muscle growth in women is one of them. But there are other "muscle tales":


Myth 1: Cardio training replaces weight training

You stand at the stepper for hours, hoping to get a cracking bottom as a result? The wish will only partially come true. Although endurance training is really hard on the calories, you will only build muscle to a limited extent.


The secret behind the Knack-Po is hidden in the percentage of the so-called "onerepetitionmaximum". This means: the muscle volume only increases through targeted muscle building (hypertrophy). And this, in turn, is only triggered when the muscle is loaded with at least 40-50% of the maximum possible weight. Strength training between 60-80% of the 1RM is even more effective. This effect cannot be achieved with pure endurance training, since here you train in a range of a maximum of 30% of the 1RM.


Myth 2: Strength training causes unsightly mountains of muscles

The initially mentioned low testosterone level in women severely restricts muscle growth. The women-specific hormone estrogen does the rest. It binds excess testosterone, making it ineffective. A study has shown that women do not gain more than 1.5 to a maximum of 3 kg of pure muscle mass per year, even with high-intensity training. Only strength training shapes the body and gives "wanted" curves.


You are wondering why are female bodybuilders loaded with excessive muscle? Most of them take synthetic growth hormones. Anabolic steroids manipulate the natural hormone balance and promote testosterone production. More testosterone means more muscles, even in women - the health-damaging effect is an open question.


Myth 3: Strength training enables local fat burning

To get a washboard abs, do you spend 10 minutes a day in sit-ups? Are you otherwise inactive? Attention! The body cannot be tricked - isolated fat burning in defined areas of the body is hardly possible. The only way to get visible results is by reducing the total amount of fat in your body. The way to get there is through a combination of endurance and strength training.