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A common goal in my practice: "lose weight permanently"

Again and again women come to my practice who would like to lose weight. They would like to lose all the excess pounds in a short period of time, and ideally without changing much. Many have tried more or less all diets and experienced the yo-yo effect several times. And now it's enough for them, they want them to finally achieve their goal and to be able to keep it.

Many have already achieved this goal several times. Many had already lost weight before that, but then gained weight again. Have you ever thought about what "losing weight" means to you? A client recently said to me: “You know, I don't want to lose weight anymore. Losing weight feels like an eternal process. I want to be slim and off. "

I was absolutely delighted with her finding. Because it's true. If you keep telling yourself “I want to lose weight” or intensify it and say “I want to lose weight permanently”, then you are subconsciously programming yourself to “permanently lose weight”. Do you say this or similar sentences to yourself more often? Such as: "Lose weight forever" or "Get slim forever"? And how are you doing with losing weight? Do you keep putting on a few pounds that you can then lose again? Our body reacts to our thoughts more strongly than we often want to believe.

Be precise in your formulation

Therefore, pay attention to how you formulate your goal. Accuracy is required here. You probably already know that our subconscious cannot process the word “not”. This means that your body uses sentences like “I don't want to be fat” or “I don't want to gain weight” - “I want to be fat” or “I want to gain more weight”. (Or the well-known example is even clearer: “Don't think of a pink elephant” - and what picture do you have in front of you?)

E.g .: your goal could be "reach my desired weight and keep it stable"

The 3 most important factors to achieve your goal:

1. Realistic goal - do you believe you can achieve the goal?

Is it realistic for you to reach your target weight or is it a fictional number that you wish to see on the scales? Do you believe in yourself and in the fact that you can also achieve the goal? You can also set intermediate goals that you can easily achieve and where you can celebrate successes again and again - this also increases the need to stick to it!

2. Fun - do you enjoy achieving the goal?

So often I experience my clients' faces falling asleep when they tell me that they want to lose weight. They don't enjoy it anymore. They know that it would be good for them to lose a few pounds, that the joint pain would then be gone, their health would improve, they would feel fit, but they only associate all of this with exertion and struggle! How about you? Have you already done so many diets where you forbade yourself to do things, chastised yourself, tortured yourself? Is losing weight automatically associated with exertion and struggle for you?

My counseling is always about my clients enjoying getting to know themselves and their needs again. That it gives them pleasure when a behavior pattern changes and the pants feel a little wider again as a result. They begin to have fun, discovering each other and getting to the bottom of their behavior patterns almost like a detective.

3. Readiness! - What “price” are you willing to pay in order to achieve your goal?

What are you ready to change to reach your target weight?

“If you keep doing what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got.” Paul Watzlawick

This saying basically says it all. If you have not yet reached your goal with what you are now, do something different. If you don't change anything for it, do nothing for it, then it's just a wish and not a goal. Mostly it means money or time what you have to spend. For example, if you want a new bike, you can wish it for a long time. It only becomes a goal when you start to think about what you are ready to do for it. For example, if you start saving for it, or if you spend the time inquiring about which bike is best for your needs.

What do you really want?

Maybe you set out to be really healthy. Or you just want to be bursting with health at any age. It can also be that your goal is to feel completely comfortable in your body.

What do you really want What is the goal for which you will show commitment accordingly? What state do you want to achieve beyond losing weight?

Define for yourself what it means to be slim. Picture what has changed when you reach your goal weight. Use all 5 senses (hear, smell, taste, see, feel) to bathe in your goal as if you have already achieved it. Enjoy this state for a few minutes !!

If you have fully embellished your goal, then you will also know exactly why you are changing something in your life from today. Because you want to get to your destination as quickly as possible and experience this feeling every day! Imagine, if the thought of it already feels so great, how great it is in reality!

Take the time to formulate your goal weight. Check it out over and over again. Is it realistic, is it fun and do you want to change something in your life for it?

Write me your goal!

Write me your goal as a comment and in what form you need support to really reach your target weight!

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