Fantasia will be available on Disney Plus

Not censored on Disney +, but with a warning: Controversial content in Disney classics will remain unchanged

The Disney classic “Dumbo” portrays a group of crows, clearly modeled on black people, singing about their lack of education and drinking addiction, and whose leader bears the name Jim Crow - a name common in the USA in the 19th century for an Afro-American stereotype. Films like “Dumbo” are considered by many to be beautiful childhood memories, but lately they have come under criticism again and again because of the problematic portrayal of ethnic groups or genders. It was rumored for a long time that Disney was planning to remove such scenes for Disney +.

But now it is clear: Such controversial Disney classics are available on the streaming service Disney + in the uncensored original version - with a warning. In the description of films like “Dumbo” or “Fantasia” one reads: “This program is presented in its original version. It may contain outdated cultural representations. "

Glossing over vs. racist portrayal

For many, the uncensored provision of such scenes - such as the depiction of natives in "Peter Pan" or two oriental cats in "Lady and the Tramp" - may seem like ignorance of changed times and sensitivities. But there may be more to it than pure defiance or inattention at the mouse company.

Some critics reacted to the original rumors of censorship with the accusation that Disney wanted to gloss over its past by omitting it. By means of an uncensored, but with a warning provided representation, one tries there now possibly to find an acceptable middle ground.

"Fantasia" is still censored on Disney +

With the film “Fantasia” from 1940, however, there is a notable exception. In the original theatrical version there was a black centaur lady who was used to clean the hooves of her fair-skinned counterparts. This figure was already removed in a version from 1969 and is also not present in the Disney + version.

Disney + is currently only available in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands, but is also expected to come to Germany in March 2020.

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