How can I fix stains on pillow cases?

How to properly clean garden chair covers

They ensure that garden chairs, loungers and other garden furniture look more attractive and are also more comfortable: cushions and cushions. After some time outdoors, the garden chair cushions just don't look as nice as they did at the beginning. Stains and dirt can be found on the surface. Are you wondering how to get your cushions clean again? Then our tips will surely help you!

Clean chair covers for garden furniture - that's how it works

A high-quality cover for garden furniture usually has an impregnation. This ensures that water and dirt roll off and stains hardly stand a chance from the outset. In such cases, regular cleaning of the upholstery with soap and water is sufficient. Before cleaning with water, however, you should always remove loose dust and dirt with a soft brush. However, if the stains are too persistent, then you will need to resort to other measures.

Small cushions can be cleaned in the washing machine

With small chair pads, you have the advantage that they can be put in the washing machine. You can therefore simply put heavily soiled cushions in the machine and set a gentle hand wash. Use a mild detergent. The temperature should be a maximum of 30 degrees. After washing, straighten each layer while it is still wet. Then hang them out on a line to dry on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Cushions for high-back chairs or benches often do not fit into the machine

If you want to clean large cushions for high-back chairs or garden benches, you usually cannot wash them in the washing machine. However, be sure to check that the covers of the supports are removable. In this case, the cover can be machine washed separately. However, if the fabric cannot be removed, hand washing the entire pillow cannot be avoided. Simply follow the instructions so that your large chair cushions are really nice and clean again:

  1. Treat the areas that are most heavily soiled with soapy water and a soft cloth.
  2. You can remove stubborn dirt with a brush. We recommend using a natural hair brush for this.
  3. Then rinse off the soap residue with plenty of clean water. Otherwise unsightly stain edges will appear on the material.
  4. Then hang the cleaned garden furniture covers in the sun on a line to dry.

Now your editions should look like new again.


Home remedies for stubborn stains

If, despite these tips, the stains cannot be removed from the fabric, there are various other home remedies and tricks that you can try.

Remove mold stains from chair pads

Due to rain and waterlogging, there is often the problem with chair covers that mold stains form after a while. Sodium hypochlorite from the pharmacy can help here. Apply the solution to the unsightly stains and let it work for a short time. You should stick with it and watch closely what happens as the solution may fade the fabric. As soon as the stain is no longer visible, rinse the solution well with clean water. If possible, it is advisable to clean it in the washing machine afterwards.

Vinegar as an effective home remedy for stains and dirt

Vinegar is also a common home remedy that pulls the stains out of the pillow pretty well. It is particularly suitable for mold stains and other similar soiling. The best thing about it: This insider tip is free of charge, because almost everyone in the household has vinegar. Fill a bath tub with water and add plenty of vinegar essence. Insert the supports and wait at least 12 hours before removing them again. Now rinse all pillows thoroughly with water or wash them again in the washing machine.


Any remaining spots will fade in the sun

If the cleaning methods mentioned above still leave slight stains, it is often sufficient to dry the fabric in direct sunlight afterwards. The UV radiation from the sun usually bleaches the remaining stains very well. It often also helps to re-moisten the stains regularly throughout the day in order to achieve even better results.


More tips and tricks for cleaning the chair covers

You should never tumble dry the pads after washing. The sensitive filling would clump together. It is therefore always best to dry the pillows and covers in the fresh air and in the sun. Once you have removed the stains from the upholstery, it is advisable to use a waterproofing spray. Spray generously on the pads to create a dirt and water-repellent protective film. So you can enjoy clean chair pads for longer. To prevent new dirt, you should rinse the pads at least once a month with clean water. In this way you prevent dirt particles from penetrating deep into the material. This means that stubborn dirt cannot even arise.


What if all else fails?

None of the mentioned agents could remove the stain? Then you can still try to have the upholstery dry-cleaned. If this method does not work either, we unfortunately have bad news for you. If so, you'll either live with the stain or buy new chair pads. But you can try to see it positively - after all, this gives you the opportunity to give your patio furniture a new look.

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