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Ben Stiller talks about cancer shock three years ago

It was a shock for Ben Stiller (51): three years ago, doctors diagnosed the actor with prostate cancer.

In an interview on the television program "Today" he now said that he had been cancer-free for three years.

"I'm really happy to be able to talk about the PSA test here," says the Zoolander star of the early detection method that may have saved his life. He urges all male viewers to speak to their doctor about the test.

Ben Stiller himself got the tip from Robert De Niro (74), who fell ill with prostate cancer in 2003 and is now also considered cured.

No effect on sex life

Screening is controversial among experts because elevated values ​​do not necessarily indicate cancer.

In Ben Stiller's case, however, there was actually a tumor that was removed in surgery. His fear of having problems with sex afterwards did not materialize. "It takes time," said Ben Stiller on Howard Stern's television show a year ago.

Film about midlife crisis

On the other hand, Ben Stiller's new film "Brad's Status" is more about mental problems: Stiller plays a man in a midlife crisis who constantly compares himself to others - especially through her social media profiles.

A situation that is not entirely unknown to a star like Ben Stiller: "As an actor you always think: Why wasn't I cast for it? Why did someone else get the role?" Happiness laughing at yourself too. (yy)

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