What does IK mean when writing SMS

WhatsApp abbreviations - that's behind bb, omw, tbh and Co.

With our overview of some of the most common WhatsApp abbreviations, you will find your way around the jungle of abbreviations and are well prepared for the next chat conversation.

Akla - These four letters are short for “Everything is clear”.

Asap - This abbreviation asks you to do something as quickly as possible, as soon as possible.

Atm - Stands for the English At the moment and means "right now, at the moment".

Port - If the farewell phrase "see you soon" is too long, use this abbreviation.

Bbl - Your chat partner just doesn't answer your messages anymore? If he has sent you the abbreviation bbl beforehand, he is telling you that he will be back later. be back later).

Btw - These letters stand for the English phrase by the way and mean something like "by the way, by the way".

Bvid - If you get the abbreviation Bvid, you can be happy. It stands for “I'm in love with you”.

Cu - Some WhatsApp abbreviations depend on the pronunciation of the letters used. Cu stands for the English see you and means something like "Goodbye".

Fg - It depends on the context. Fg can mean both “fat” and “mean grin”.

Ftw - The abbreviation for for the win should express sympathy for something. Attention: Not to be confused with Wtf.

FyiFor your information, German "for your information". This abbreviation is also often used in professional emails.

Eq - Mfg we all know, Glg is a little more personal and means "very kind regards".

Guk - You can often find this abbreviation at the end of messages. It stands for "greeting and kiss".

Hdf - Anyone who receives this abbreviation has drawn the interlocutor's displeasure. Hdf is the short form of "Shut up".

Idk - This signals ignorance. I do not know translated means "I don't know".

K - How much time is saved by using the abbreviation k instead of “Ok” is an open question at this point. If you want to emphasize the approval a little more, you can go straight to the "kk".