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In Central America, the Costa Rica Customs monitor the cross-border movement of goods. It is forbidden to carry meat and sausage products, dairy products or fruit and vegetables in luggage. Canned food is allowed, however.

Customs regulations for Costa Rica

Local and foreign currency can be imported up to an amount of 10,000 USD.

Cigarettes and alcohol
Items for personal use can be imported duty-free: 400 cigarettes or 500 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars, up to three liters of alcohol are allowed.


From Costa Rica to Europe

animals and plants
If you want to take the cute kitten (or dog or ferret) from Costa Rica to Europe,
have to think of some documents. The following are required: Veterinary certificate according to a uniform EU model, the animal must be identified by a recognizable tattoo or a transponder, and proof of rabies vaccination is also required.
Special care should be taken with exotic souvenirs Required: The Washington Convention on the Protection of Species regulates the import and export of endangered species, and the export of animals is strictly regulated. Rare plants or animals may only be imported into the EU after obtaining an import permit. Animals and plants whose stocks are impaired by trade and which are therefore only allowed to be exported or imported in exceptional cases are e.g. whales, elephants, tigers, sea turtles, various types of orchids, cacti and aloe.

The export of antiques is prohibited.

Local and foreign currencies may be exported up to an equivalent value of USD 10,000. A declaration is required from USD 10,000.

Coffee (or tea and other goods)
Costa Rica not only offers a dreamlike landscape, but also wonderfully fragrant coffee straight from the plantations: So it's no wonder that many tourists want to take their “Arabico puro” home with them. In 2008, the permitted quantities were increased: Those who bring goods into the European Union in their personal luggage benefit from generous allowances. When entering the EU from Costa Rica, air and sea travelers are allowed coffee (or perfume, tea, electrical appliances) up to a goods value of 430 euros duty-free into the EU. For other travelers, the limit for the value of the goods is 300 euros.

Tobacco products
Tobacco products may also be introduced. However, the amount must not exceed 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking tobacco. Each individual article represents the total allowance of 100 percent: This means that 200 cigarettes and 100 cigarillos may not be imported. The total allowance in this case would be 100 cigarettes and 50 cigarillos. The combination of the articles must not exceed the 100 percent exemption. However, the individual states of the EU have the option of lowering these values.

A total of one liter is allowed alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 22% vol are brought into the EU. At less than 22% vol. two liters of alcohol are allowed. Otherwise four liters of wine and 16 liters of beer may be imported.

General: Costa Rica Customs

Theoretically, a traveler who flies back to his EU home country by plane can bring home four liters of wine, one liter of high-proof schnapps, 200 cigarettes and even coffee worth 430 euros tax-free. However, the value of an individual commodity may not be divided up.

According to the German embassy, ​​the customs regulations can change again and again: If you want to import or export special products, you should inquire at Costa Rica customs or directly at the Costa Rican embassy.

Beautiful pictures from my trip to Costa Rica:

Monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park
Howler monkey
Corcovado sloth

Big wave
Palm trees
Rio Fortuna

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