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Danesh carpet collections

Cleaning and exchange campaign

Cleaning and exchange campaign


The collection of the modern and innovative includes the unusual stonewashed carpets, top modern designer carpets made of various materials, the imposing and colorful “Crazy Rugs” as well as high quality nomad carpets from Persia. Patchwork and vintage carpets as well as high-quality tufted carpets with various reliefs belong ... more


Committed to tradition! As Henry James once said, it takes a lot of history to give birth to just a little tradition. Our rarities from the classic and tradition collection were made in the most famous and best knotting workshops in Persia and are ... more


Furthermore, carpet connoisseurs and collectors can find the largest selection of old and antique rarities at Danesh Carpets. This selected assortment includes antique chews, Turkmens as well as American sarughs and antique heriz. Our range of old and antique rarities of high-quality knotting ... more

GF Mag. Kurosh Danesh

GF Mag. Kurosh Danesh has been with the company in the third generation since 1992 and has learned the trade and carpet knowledge from the beginning. In addition, he completed his business studies at the Alpe Adria University. Mr. Kurosh Danesh modernized the company and was responsible for the introduction of modern designer carpets.

Mag. Jasmin Danesh

Mrs. Mag. Jasmin Danesh, the sister, is the creative and artistic head of the company. She learned her craft from a Persian knotter and she got the finishing touches in a Turkish knotting school. She has been running the workshop for 10 years and there is no carpet that cannot be repaired!

Mag. Anja Danesh

Mag. Anja Danesh (wife), also a graduate of the Alpe Adria University, is responsible for sales and administration. She is also responsible for marketing and organizes all of our company's social projects.

Founding of the Handels-GmbH in Graz.

Opening of a branch in Spittal an der Drau.

Danesh Teppiche Handels-GmbH now consists of four branches: Graz, Spittal, Klagenfurt and Villach in Austria.

Closure of the branches and exclusive concentration on the branch in Klagenfurt.

Kurosh Danesh joins the family business.

A wholesale warehouse is opened in Klagenfurt.

After Kurosh Danesh gained experience and knowledge as an employee for a few years, he took over the management.

Danesh builds the Artecielo on Kurandtplatz and opens the Danesh gallery there.

The Artecielo house was sold and the business premises were relocated to Schleppekurve.

Danesh Carpets is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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