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Boarding school at Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium

Day school

The 5th grade starts with 12 to 15 students

For students from the Bonn area

The aim of our work is to support your child in the best possible way according to their abilities. School education and the acquisition of technical skills are just as important an area as promoting social skills and imparting social ideals such as tolerance, equality and personal responsibility. The private Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium is for its students a place of modern knowledge transfer and at the same time a living space that opens up to the outside world in order to offer your child a comprehensive range of activities in cooperation with students, teachers and parents. For this reason, from 2005, our school will for the first time open the possibility for pupils of the beginning fifth grade to make extensive use of the excellent conditions for personal development of their child as part of the day school and boarding school. A class size contributes to this, which does not exceed approx. 12 (in 5th grade) - 23 students (in 9th grade). In our concept of day and boarding school classes, the children have their own teachers and boarding school teachers at their disposal. The continuous deepening of the teaching content is achieved in a variety of ways: Whether in the silent work in study groups or in the many attractive leisure opportunities - the social and intellectual development of your child is always the goal of all activities for us. The joy of learning and the joy of discovery are the basis for the concept of our afternoon support program. Every day is different and yet a consistently maintained basic structure conveys continuity and trust. The balanced mix of learning and understanding, individual performance enhancement and varied leisure activities are decisive for the satisfaction and balance of your child. Constantly surrounded by trained specialist teachers and experienced teachers, we manage a daily program that is worth getting up for in the morning!

from a newspaper article:

Children enthusiastic, parents astonished - the concept of the day boarding class at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium is convincing.

... .. The specialty of this concept is the all-day class association: 14 children in grade 5 learn and live together until the early evening, with lessons, leisure activities and silence forming a harmonious triad. The group is looked after by a team of teachers and a boarding school teacher as a permanent reference person.

While maintaining the basic teaching structure and integrating the class into the normal “everyday life”, the existing boarding school facilities in particular open up special opportunities for deepening the subject, organizing the afternoon and supervising into the evening.

It goes without saying that the classroom equipment also takes this concept of all-day schooling into account: Electronic media, free work material, a cozy seating area, and book and game collections are an integral part of the all-round service.

A look at a “virtual class register” also allows parents, who also mostly work full-time, to find out about the current status of the lesson content or upcoming activities and dates via the Internet. If the child is sick, work materials and assignments can be viewed in this way.

The fact that some of the children then asked their parents for an “extension” by phone in the evening in order to have dinner together may astonish the parents, for the children it is just beautiful.

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The costs for the day boarding are € 590 per month including school support in the afternoon, free time and all meals.


Secretariat boarding school (Ms. Stadie)
Tel .: 0228 970 90-0
Email: [email protected]

Flyer our day school (PDF)


Day boarding contract (PDF)

Admission to class 5 is generally only possible if
there is a recommendation for the grammar school.