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An Introduction To Dubai's Royal Family

The Al Maktoum family, the royal and ruling family of Dubai, is led by His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai. Although he and his royal family are very popular and loved by the residents of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, many people outside the country know little about this royal family other than being very wealthy. How did they come to power and how are they so popular?

The Al Maktoum family are descendants of the Bani Yas tribe of the area of ​​what is now the UAE who were the most powerful and strategic of the ancient Arabian family tribes. In 1833 around 800 members of the Al Maktoum family separated from the Bani-Yas family and took over the emirate or the Dubai region and established themselves as the ruling family in this area. The Al Maktoum family has since ruled Dubai without any resistance and has now established itself as a royal family with the title Sheikh, which in this case is roughly translated as "King". The Sheikh of Dubai now also acts as Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, serving as Prime Minister and Minister of Defense at the same time.

The yellow clad ruler of Dubai at a horse race in Dubai | © Jaguar MENA / Flickr

The current ruler of Dubai, His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was born in 1949 and took control of Dubai after the death of his older brother in 2006. This makes him the 13th th official Sheikh of the Emirate of Dubai. Still very popular with residents and locals alike, it has managed to make Dubai the globally recognized superpower while investing in infrastructure, schools, charities and international events to bring even more expats and immigrants to Dubai. His family is also hugely popular, largely thanks to his dashing (and only) eldest son, Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, known fondly by his fans as Fazza, the name he uses on his Instagram account and when he publishes his popular one Love poetry to the public.

Dubai's other kids are younger but remain popular thanks to the sheikh's Instagram account. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is married to three women, which explains why he actually has so many children, with his youngest wife being the daughter of the King of Jordan, Princess Haya bint Hussein. A graduate of Oxford University, an accomplished horseman and a fashion lover, she remains one of the sheikh's most haunted family members on social media.

The ruling family of Dubai always remains popular with residents of the city through social media and regular screenings at events and restaurants thanks to their unusual way of maintaining a personal connection. They are even seen walking around in public or downtown Dubai. Despite being extremely wealthy, they manage to remain humble in the eyes of their subjects and devote themselves to public problems in both Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. With the growth of the city and social media, many of the royal family stayed connected to see what new era both the current Sheikh and his young son Prince Hamdan will bring to the unique city of Dubai and the world.

Author: Brent Matthews

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