What is a peeling technology

Epilators - you need to know that

Thanks to the epilator technology, skin is velvety soft and for a longer time than after shaving. Yes, you can get such results with today's epilators. While the epilator used to be painful, it is now much better thanks to improved technology. In contrast to shaving, the hair is not cut off but literally torn out with the roots by the epilator using rotating “tweezers”. Certain technologies, for example the cooling of the skin with integrated cooling batteries in the epilator, also minimize skin irritation. Furthermore, users report an increasing pain resistance after several applications. On the one hand, the hair grows thinner and on the other hand, the body learns to switch off pain and increasingly perceives epilation as a pleasant and beautiful thing.
Another advantage of epilation is that the skin is significantly less irritated.
Removing the hair by means of epilator is suitable for both men and women who are interested in permanent hair removal but who cannot or do not want to spend so much money on an IPL device.

Application tips

When epilating, you must first pull the skin taut, then place the epilator at right angles on the skin and guide it against the direction of hair growth.
It is also important to take care of the skin before and after epilation. So you can take a warm bath before using the epilator, which softens the skin and opens the pores. This makes it easier for some users to remove their hair. But I was also told that cooling the skin lowers the sensation of pain. You will surely find out which method works for you. In any case, the follow-up treatment of the skin after epilation is important. In no case should this be done with a cream or body lotion. Special gels which have few ingredients are better. Because chemical ingredients or fat can lead to additional skin irritation. It is best to use a mild gel that contains aloe vera.

What to look for when buying an epilator

You can of course get epilators for around 20 euros. However, if you want a device with additional functions such as a cooling function or massage function, the prices start from. 80 euro. An indication of the quality of your epilator is, above all, the number of tweezers. While around 20 tweezers are standard for inexpensive devices, high-quality epilators have 30 or even 40 tweezers. This enables you to epilate in less time because you don't have to slide over the skin as often. This also minimizes irritation to the skin.

1. Epilator - Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry

You will have your real pleasure with this epilator function. With it you can remove even the shortest hairs. Thanks to the battery operation, you are independent of the power socket and can even epilate underwater. Legs, armpits, face and genital area. With this epilator you are fully at it. And the hairs can no longer be seen at first.


1. Epilation under warm water possible, for a gentler epilation and a smoother skin feeling
2. Close-Grip technology, 40 tweezers ensure thorough removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5 mm)
3. With Smartlight which makes even the finest hairs visible for thorough hair removal
4. Wireless and therefore comfortable to use
5. Speed ​​control, adapting epilation to your individual needs.


This epilator is an all-round successful device. Great for "beginners". It lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip out of your hand when you use it in the shower. An epilator that you are sure to recommend to your best friend.

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2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961 SkinSpa wireless Wet & Dry

Your friends will be the envy of your friends for this epilator function from Braun. It not only gives you a perfect result, but also removes more hair in one step thanks to its 40% wider epilation head. The peeling head included as an accessory in combination with the Sonic peeling technology ensures a visibly finer complexion. The 10,000 fine, extremely dense bristles of the peeling brush gently remove dead skin cells, stimulate the skin surface and stimulate skin regeneration. Does the device work just as well in water? Yes, because the hair floats in the water, so it sticks out. This makes the effect just as good. It's even less painful. Another plus of this epilator is the short charging time.


1. 2-in-1 epilation and peeling system
2. Fastest and most precise epilation *, with the innovative Sonic peeling brush
3. 40% wider epilation head
4. Silky smooth skin for up to 4 weeks
5. With Braun’s most innovative MicroGrip tweezers technology
6. Precisely removes even the shortest hairs that wax cannot grip
7. Wet & Dry epilate wirelessly
8. Almost painless with regular use
9. 6 extras include: peeling brush attachment, shaving attachment, trimmer attachment, high frequency massage attachment, skin contact attachment, epilation attachment for facial hair


The Braun Silk-épil 9 is an innovative and high quality epilator. The different attachments offer the possibility to epilate, peel or shave, which makes it a multifunctional device. The innovative Sonic peeling brush ensures smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. Thanks to its movable attachment, it also adapts to the body at any point. This epilator is really worth the money and comes highly recommended.

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3. Philips HP6583 / 02 Satin Perfect epilator

This wet & dry epilator function will inspire you completely. Because it offers the most effective epilation from Philips. With the new Skin Stretcher attachment, it ensures special skin comfort and painless application. Thanks to its particularly wide epilation head and structured ceramic tweezers, it removes more hair in one go. Its more than 1300 movements of the tweezers per second ensure rapid epilation. Even the finest and shortest hairs are removed. Thanks to the integrated Optilight, even the finest hairs are visible. High-quality accessories, which are included in the scope of delivery, round off this offer perfectly.


1. Skin stretcher attachment for reduced plucking pain
2. Softly curved tweezers for a pleasant feeling on the skin
3. Ceramic tweezers also reduce skin irritation and sensitive skin
4. Cordless convenience thanks to battery technology
5. 1 epilator, skin stretcher attachment, ladyshave attachment, massage attachment, attachment for sensitive areas, trimmer attachment, 1 luxury tweezers, storage bag, cleaning brush, charger included


A great epilator that leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to its "skin stretcher attachment", epilation is almost painless. Other epilators in this price segment do not offer this. The wide range of accessories is certainly a reason to at least think about purchasing this device. And once you've made up your mind, you don't want to miss this epilator anymore.

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