Why are werewolves much weaker than vampires

Extreme strength

Extreme strength

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Supernatural strength, stronger than humans

Extreme strength is a skill used by vampires, werewolves, hybrids, immortals, supernatural hunters, and occasionally witches. You are so supernaturally stronger, far stronger than a normal human your size. This enables the user to exert greater strength from their muscles and perform skills that non-supernatural beings could never exercise.

Vampires, tripped werewolves, and hybrids can do inhuman things with ease, while immortals, untriggered werewolves, and hunters can do the same, but to a lesser extent. The potency varies from user to user depending on a number of factors including age, type, and diet.

Vampires [edit | Edit source]

Normal vampires Edit source]

Ordinary vampires have extreme power that gets bigger the older they get. They are capable of breaking bones, overwhelming people, lifting them in the air, mutilating them, and throwing them over great distances with ease. The level of their strength depends on their age and diet, because when a vampire drinks human blood he is stronger than one of the animals drinks blood. Even vampires in the transformation phase were sometimes stronger than after the transformation. This was shown by Stefan in Blood Brothers when he did not know his own strength and threw his father against a wall out of reflex when he tried to stake Stefan again. They are comparatively stronger than werewolves when they are not in their wolf form. In the Ghost World episode it was clearly shown that Damon was stronger than Mason when they dug into the Lookwood basement. It has also been shown that a younger vampire, if angry enough, can defeat a slightly older vampire, which was seen in Stefan's secret when Caroline managed to defeat Damon to save her father.

Augustine Vampire [edit | Edit source]

Augustine vampires are vampires who have been infected with the ripper virus and therefore have to drink vampire blood. Due to the consumption of vampire blood or the ripper virus they are stronger than normal vampires. This was shown in vampire lab rats when Jesse, a Transformed Vampire, soon after being transformed, Damon managed to overpower a 172-year-old vampire with ease. It is unknown how they would fare against an original vampire or a vampire-werewolf hybrid.

Original vampires [edit | Edit source]

Original vampires are even stronger than the oldest normal vampires, mainly because they were originally made for self-defense against werewolves. They are stronger than werewolves even in their wolf form (although a few transformed wolves can still defeat them as seen in the full moon). Normal vampires are usually not a threat to original vampires unless they use a surprise attack. They used this ability to break necks and spine, to travel organs out and to destroy or move heavy objects. The original vampires can destroy windows and doors with even the smallest things, everything from rolled up newspapers to small coins, for example when Elijah threw a handful of coins on a window, the window exploded. In another case, Klaus threw a roll of newspaper through a window of Elena's old house. Elijah even showed a comparison of his skills with a 500+ year old vampire named Trevor when he cut off his head with his bare hand. They are weaker than the beasts Lucien and Marcel.

Mikael [edit | Edit source]

Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, demonstrated enormous strength in both series. He was the oldest, most powerful and the father of the original vampires, he was even the strongest vampire in the world. In lust for murder, he overpowered Elijah with ease and he was able to bring down all his children with brutal strength, he was also able to defeat a whole pack of werewolves with moonlight rings with minimal difficulty in the following healthy and cheerful and here too he was able to overpower Elijah one more time although he was was wounded. Even as a person he was stronger than his children and when they were transformed he was still stronger than them. He is even superior to Klaus in terms of strength, in life and let die, you could see that he is a little stronger than Klaus, but he was still weakened from a werewolf bite and Papa Tunde's knife.

Reinforced Primordial Vampire [edit | Edit source]

A fortified primal vampire is another variant of the primal vampires that Alaric Saltzman was transformed into when he was recreated by Esther. He was able to fight Stefan and Damon at the same time and defeat them in seconds, he was even superior to Rebekah in terms of physical strength, which could mean that he is superior to most or all of the original vampires. He was even strong enough to be a match for Klaus. It is unknown how Alaric would fare against Mikael as a Reinforced Original Vampire, as it has been confirmed that he is slightly stronger than Klaus.

The beast [edit | Edit source]

Lucien Castle has proven that he is much stronger than an original vampire after his upgrade. He defeated Elijah and Finn at the same time with ease and later he defeated Klaus, the original hybrid Effortless. When Lucien was killed after his power was stripped from him, Marcel became the predicted beast and overpowered Kol and Elijah and fatally wounded in one bite. It is unknown how he would fare against a fortified Primordial Vampire or Mikael, but since they are so much more powerful than Primordial Vampires, it is unlikely that Alaric or Mikael would be on a par with his strength.

Immortals Edit source]

Immortals have a version of Extreme Strength that makes them stronger than humans, but they are not a threat to vampires, even newborn vampires. Silas was able to break Jeremy's neck with just one hand after 2000 years of drying up. Immortals are equal in strength to the Brotherhood of Five.

Werewolves Edit source]

Werewolves also have extreme powers that make them much stronger than humans, which can be seen when Mason easily defeated several people with arm squeezes. Even untriggered werewolves have a small version of Extreme Power that was revealed when Tyler also defeated a few people with arm presses. Their extreme power isn't on the same level as vampires, either

once newborn. You saw that when Caroline easily defeated Tyler when he tried to get the truth out of her. When the moon is full, they transform into their wolf form. They become stronger and even more powerful than most normal vampires during the full moon and in small groups they can even overwhelm original vampires. A group of four transformed wolves were even able to defeat Rebekah. Werewolves with moonlight rings can defeat most normal vampires with ease and can even overpower original vampires, which was seen when two with such rings quickly defeated Elijah, but they oversaw. The rings allow werewolves to use their full abilities, but hybrids can still fight them and win what you could see from Hayley when she was able to kill some of the werewolves.

Hybrids Edit source]

Normal werewolf-vampire hybrids have extremely high rate and potency. Newly made werewolf-vampire hybrids are stronger than werewolves and also than some vampires. They have a head start in strength due to their werewolf side.

They are not a threat to an original vampire, but they can be stronger than normal vampires who are not that old. Stefan and Damon were able to defeat Klaus newly made werewolf-vampire hybrids with ease. Damon got the upper hand in the fight against Tyler in The Homecoming Party. It was also shown that a normal werewolf-vampire hybrid can defeat a normal vampire far beyond his age as you could see when Tyler Nadia battled a 500 year old vampire in No Way Out he couldn't hold his ground against her for long, but he could still her bite. In the end, Nadia was able to overwhelm him, which means that she is a little stronger.

Niklaus Mikaelson [edit | Edit source]

Klaus is the primal hybrid, which makes him stronger than almost all supernatural beings, which also includes most of the primal vampires except for Alaric when he was a fortified primal vampire. Just as a primordial vampire is to a normal vampire, so Klaus is to a normal werewolf-vampire hybrid. Only Klaus showed such strength in the series. He fought Marcel's army and won. He slaughtered 12 werewolf-vampire hybrids with relative ease. His strength seemed equal to or slightly weaker than Mikael's in Live and Let Die. The beasts Lucien and Marcel have demonstrated greater strength than Klaus, they are the only ones who, besides Mikael, make such a remarkable difference.

Supernatural hunters Edit source]

A group of supernatural hunters equipped with enhanced abilities to make them even more effective hunters, Extreme Power is one of those abilities and has been used effectively against vampires and hybrids. Connor was able to detach the head of a hybrid with the right leverage and Jeremy could lift two barrels, Matt couldn't even lift one with both hands. Jeremy could even keep up with Silas and he could have won if Silas hadn't been Immortal.

Shamanic huntress Edit source]

Rayna was a hunter who was endowed with abilities through a spell similar to the Brotherhood of Five. One of those spells was augmented power. Her strength is even on par with ancient vampires, as seen when she battled a couple of the Strix (the oldest group of vampires in the world) while confronting them. Her strength, or at least her reputation, made even Klaus the original hybrid nervous.

When Bonnie became a Slayer, she demonstrated the same strength as Rayna, but Rayna was able to fight the Strix and Bonnie could still be stopped by Damon just before she could stake him, but he could just about that.

Witches Edit source]

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