Do you belong to a certain religion?

Religion is one of them with us

Space for development and nourishment for the soul

Our KiTa is part of an evangelical resurrection congregation. That is why the children are not only encouraged in their community skills, with regard to their body, their language development, their cognitive and musical-creative abilities. We want your soul to have room for development and nourishment. The Bible describes it more vividly: It is about: "that her soul will be like a water-rich garden" (Jeremiah chapter 31, verse 12). We believe that this is not “feasible” in the human sense, but a gift from God. We want to be “gardeners” for the children in the sense of the biblical image.
Just as we cannot practice language promotion “in itself” without doing this in and with a lively and lived language, just as little can we practice religious education “in itself” without a lived and lively faith. That is why the children in the KiTa hear stories from the Bible, sing suitable songs, celebrate the feasts of the Christian church year and learn to express thanks and requests in prayers.
We want to cultivate the garden of the soul so carefully with the stories from the Bible, with the songs and prayers that respond to basic spiritual needs. The children should thus develop the religious dimension of their life, get to know the Christian God and be able to maintain contact with him. He is the source in the garden of life.

An open offer

The Resurrection Congregation understands its KiTa as an "open offer". All children are welcome, whether they are Protestant, Catholic or do not belong to any other religion or to no religion at all. But this “open offer” comes from the Evangelical Church - that shapes the character of the facility, and we cannot pass on any other faith in our KiTa. Therefore: All children experience Christian content and symbols, biblical stories and Christian customs and pray to God. Non-Christian children experience religious hospitality.

This means in detail:

  • We celebrate Christian festivals in our KiTa, tell the biblical stories, pray and sing Christian songs. We do not exclude anyone from our KiTa for reasons of faith, but instead invite you to participate as welcome guests in our life as Christians. The Bible says: “Do not forget to practice hospitality; for through it some have sheltered angels without their knowledge ”(Hebrews chapter 13, verse 2).
  • We expect nothing from non-Christian families but the willingness to show themselves openly on their part and to let their child take part in the life of the KiTa without reservation.
  • We respect children of other religions, their rites and their beliefs, because we know that our belief is not a personal privilege, but a gift from God.
  • We listen carefully and respectfully when they tell, because we are not superior to them; but we do not celebrate their festivals and rites, because they belong to our guests and not to us.

Religion takes shape

We take the children in the KiTa seriously with the religious questions that concern them as they grow up, when we talk to them, tell them stories, pray and sing. The children ask: Who am I? Who can I be? (Ask about the self) - Why did grandma die? Do you have to die too? (The question about the meaning of it all) - Where can I find protection and security? What does god look like? Are you god dad (The question about God) - Why should I treat others fairly? (The question about the reason for ethical behavior) - Why do some children believe in Allah? (The question of the religion of the other). In stories, prayers and songs you will learn a “language” in order to address religious questions and topics and to express yourself in them.

Bible stories

In the day care center, the children hear stories from the Bible. You will hear about happy and sad events that you know from your life. With the stories they learn to interpret, understand, manage and shape their experiences. At the same time, they can get to know and experience the Christian faith with them. You will learn something about God, the Creator and about Jesus, in whom God meets us in his philanthropy.

The Christian church year

The children celebrate the end of the Christian church year in the KiTa. Not only do they hear texts appropriate to their age, they also play them and sing songs and do handicrafts. Advent and Christmas make it clear that God comes very close to us as a person in Jesus. In Jesus stories the children learn about the life of Jesus, his death and his resurrection. With the Easter stories, the joy of resurrection and the great hope of Christians for a new life come to life. In addition, thanksgiving and “sharing like St. Martin” occur in every kindergarten year.


In the KiTa the children learn prayers, which are said as prayers for dinner and thanks or requests. It can be beneficial for the children to use this route to express gratitude, anger, and other feelings. Prayers are one of the rituals that give the children orientation in day-to-day daycare: in the morning circle and before meals, the children say familiar prayer verses every day.

Church rooms

The children also experience religion in connection with spaces. At certain times, the familiar KiTa room changes a little because the candle with the resurrection cross is lit. A visible sign that a biblical story is now being told and suitable songs are being sung. Some offers take place in the parish hall. Occasionally the children explore the Church of the Resurrection. They expand their scope of action. They know their way around at home, soon in daycare, later in church and in the parish hall. This is how they practice walking through strange doors.

Two religious educators

The religion in the KiTa is shaped by two religious educators (community educator, KiTa management), who also ensure the regular religious education training of the employees in the KiTa. Each week a fixed time is reserved for religion in each group. Religious educators and educational specialists prepare small units with biblical stories, songs, creative or playful implementations on topics of the church year, suitable for the monthly topics or based on the current topics in the children's group.

Religion project week

In the second half of the year there will be a “Religion Project Week”. Programs are developed on changing topics. For a whole week there is a small unit in each group every morning. The rest of the weekly program and the daily educational offers are suspended or also take up the project week theme.

Bible days for children

In the third week after Easter, the "Bible Days for Children" take place in cooperation with the mini-GEMEINDE. Children from the KiTa are invited as well as other children. You register for the Bible Days, which take place on three mornings in the KiTa and the parish hall. Volunteers and pedagogical specialists design the programs for the children together. They consist of plenary sections with music and theater as well as small group offers. A biblical story unfolds on the three mornings.

Children's service in the resurrection community

At the end of the project week and the Bible Days, there will be a special children's service on Sunday in the resurrection congregation. The service for the “adult” congregation also refers to the two projects. The families from the KiTa are particularly cordially invited to the church service on these Sundays - as of course on all other Sundays.

The pedagogical specialists receive basic training in religious education. This takes place in special training courses as well as in the context of team meetings.