What are Macs Shine Drops used for?

Face oil: This face oil suits your skin type

A good face oil has long been one of the French women beauty secrets. A radiant, pure and youthful looking complexion - that's what many people want. And although the product only promises positive things for the skin, we admit that we know very little about it. That is changing now.

Why should i use facial oil?

A good face oil has almost endless beneficial properties. It donates Moisture, gives resilience, works against pimples and gradually fills wrinkles. Plus: It can be used in a variety of ways and can even be used to cleanse the face. Even waterproof make-up and mascara don't stand a chance against facial oil. Since it is gentler than gels or soaps, there is no stinging in the eyes that is so common when removing make-up.

Applying facial oil correctly: Here's how

Basically, you should always use facial oil in the evening after cleansing your skin. It can simply be massaged into the slightly damp skin. For a nice glow during the day, you can also mix a drop or two of the face oil into the foundation. If the shine of the oil doesn't bother you visually, or if you powder it later, you can also apply it in the morning instead of a cream and leave it on throughout the day.

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the face and remove make-up.

  2. Moisten the face slightly - for example with thermal water or micellar water.

  3. Put a few drops of facial oil in the palms of your hands, heat gently with rubbing and massage into the skin with both hands.

  4. Leave on overnight.

Which facial oil is suitable for which skin?

There are many face oils. If you make sure that that Oil for yours Is suitable for your skin type, but nothing can go wrong.

Which facial oil for acne or oily skin?

Oil on Oil - Why is that a Good Idea at all? Because the skin receives the signal that there is enough fat available and that it can reduce its own production. This means that there is less sebum and the pimples go back. If, on the other hand, you use aggressive and drying products for oily skin, the skin is only irritated more and produces sebum, which clogs the pores and leads to impurities. Look out for facial oils that contain sebum-reducing ingredients. Argan, grapeseed, hemp and jojoba oils do not clog the pores and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Ideal for oily skin: The facial oil Retinol Clearing Oil from Dermalogica>

Which facial oil for dry skin?

With dry skin, you have to be less careful about the choice of facial oil than with oily skin. Because dry skin often happens to you Vitamin E deficiency is due, simple coconut oil is particularly suitable here. But argan and avocado oils are also made for dry skin.

Which facial oil for rosacea?

With rosacea, less is more. For example, aggressive fruit acids and too much vitamin A should be avoided. Instead, you should rely on valuable fatty acids. These are often found in more exotic oils from Indian balloon vine, cranberry, amaranth or the classic argan.

Great for skin problems such as rosacea: Face oil with amaranth from Pai>

Which facial oil for wrinkles?

Face oil has a preventive effect against wrinkles and fills in existing lines so that they appear more subtle. Just like with dry skin, you should rely on vitamins C and E for wrinkles. In addition to argan oil, prickly pear oil, cacay oil, marula oil and wild rose oil are particularly good.

Our favorite against wrinkles: Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil from Guerlain>

How long can face oil be kept?

The shelf life of facial oil depends a little on how you use it. But if you always close it again after use and there is little oxygen in the product, it will be good for a longer period of time. In principle, however, oils last a very long time and often for years. At most it can get rancid. But you can smell that clearly. If it smells normal, it is also good.