Why does Beto advertise ORourke in Mexico

Democrat Beto O'Rourke : The man who makes Trump nervous

He rarely just stands there and gives a speech. Rather, he prances from one side of the stage to the other, like a boxer he always keeps moving, you never know where the next blow will come from. Again and again he kneels, turns, straightens up. Stretches out your arms, he wants to reach, electrify, involve everyone - that is perhaps Beto O'Rourke's most important political message in these polarized times.

The MP from El Paso, who now wants to become a Senator after six years in the US House of Representatives, held out for 20 months in the election campaign. He didn't demonize his opponent, the conservative Senator Ted Cruz, in fact, most of the time he didn't even mention his name. And then, in the second TV debate a week ago, when the polls dampened hopes of a sensational success in the elections on November 6th, he suddenly changed his strategy and attacked his opponent, worn down by all the attacks of the others. He even used Donald Trump's crude language and Cruz called "Lyin 'Ted", a nickname that Trump gave his rival at the time in the 2016 presidential election campaign. It was a completely different Beto O'Rourke, the one in the TV studio.

The entire House of Representatives and a third of all Senators are re-elected every two years in the USA. The so-called "midterms" mark the halfway point of each presidency and are more than just a mood picture. If the Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives or even in both houses of Congress, they can block political projects and decisions by the government and the Republicans.

In the case of white voters, his opponent is clearly ahead

If 46-year-old Beto O'Rourke were to actually defeat Ted Cruz, who was one year older, and move into the Washington Senate for Texas, it would be a revolution. He would be the first democrat in 30 years to succeed. Texas is conservative, and polls show Cruz is way ahead of white voters. On the other hand, 62 percent of Latinos prefer Beto O'Rourke, whose real first name is Robert Francis, but has only been called by the Mexican nickname Beto since childhood. A fact Trump and Cruz like to poke fun at, they assume that he only claims to have a Spanish name to make himself popular with this important group of voters.

He himself seems to have not really liked the change in strategy, his attack in the television debate, and just a week later it sounds completely different again. He says what he wants - not what he doesn't want. Like Barack Obama, with whom some have already compared the wiry, lofty Democrat, he advertises with the hope of change, not fear.

On Saturday evening, he stands in front of a dramatic sunset in a parking lot in the west of Dallas, an area where a particularly high number of Latinos live, potentially hesitant voters, whom he wants to vote for. The mood is happily relaxed. Hundreds of people have come, young, old, many women and Latinos to hear his version of Texas. It is a Texas that is not building new walls, either inside or outside, a Texas that gives the "dreamers", those migrants from Latin America who came illegally as children into the country, prospects to stay. A Texas that pays its teachers so that they don't need another job, a Texas that doesn't prohibit gun ownership but regulates it.

Texas is almost twice the size of Germany

Even if his political opponents claim the opposite: Beto O'Rourke is a moderate Democrat who used to play in a punk band, can skateboard and wants to liberalize marijuana, but he is not one of the left in the party, which has achieved surprise successes in many countries to have. That also makes him attractive to voters like Greg Dobbs, who voted for the Republicans in the last election. "Beto wants to include everyone, he doesn't want to divide, I like that," says the 48-year-old who runs a small nursery in the area. His two sisters dragged him along. "They're crazy about Beto," he says and laughs. Julie, the younger one, has Down syndrome, and she got really close to her idol at one of the many other Beto appearances. That also works that evening, there is a selfie, and Julie is proud that her Beto recognizes her right away. People like that he seems so approachable and that he always has time for small talk and photos.

The candidate travels tirelessly on the streets of Texas, having visited all 254 districts of Texas. And Texas is big, almost twice the size of Germany. You can drive the dusty highways for ten hours and you're still in the same state.

This Saturday it is already his fourth appearance, you think you can hear it in his voice, even if he can still speak powerfully, even when the microphone does not work as it should at times. He just speaks louder until the technology works again without clattering. "Beto, you are so strong," a woman calls out to him. He also recognizes her, one of the mothers who advocate tightening gun law.

This state is extremely important for Trump

You can see that all of this is exhausting from the dark spots on his light blue shirt, which he tucked tightly into his khaki pants. He is usually dressed casually and elegantly, brown suede shoes, no tie. And he lets people participate in his everyday life, that's his trademark, even if that can sometimes be a lot of intimacy, for example when he shows his sweaty shirts, socks and shorts in the laundromat during a "Facebook Live" broadcast Drum stuffs - "all the colors together, that's no problem," he claims. His wife Amy, who often accompanies him on election campaigns despite the two small children, can be heard laughing in the background.

Because this man got dangerously close to the incumbent, the US President himself entered the Senate race this week. The fact that he surprisingly announced at the end of August that he would come to the aid of his former rival Cruz "in the largest stadium in Texas" was a clear sign of how close the race has become. And how much the Republican strategists fear defeat.

So far, the Republicans have a clear majority in both chambers of Congress, the Democrats are determined to change that within two weeks. The enemy image of Trump motivates. The change of power could work in the House of Representatives, but it will be rather difficult in the Senate. The Democrats would have to defend all the seats available for election and win two more. This is another reason why Texas is extremely important to Trump - this Senate seat was actually not considered to be shaky. Actually. Beto O'Rourke, who foregoes money from large lobby groups, raised the staggering $ 61 million for his election campaign, almost twice as much as his opponent. The Republicans cannot be indifferent to this.

Since the situation has changed, Trump flew to Houston on Monday evening to advertise himself, his politics and also for his former adversary Cruz. Because he has helped him "more than anyone else" since his election, he says in his speech: with the nomination of Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh, with his major tax reform and issues such as migration, health policy and deregulation.

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