Why didn't Konan destroy Nagatos Rinnegan

See more ideas about pain naruto, naruto shippuden, naruto. Village / Country: This striving was reinforced by his master Jiraiya, who awakened in him the dream of a world without hate. His best quotes reflect that ultimate goal of his. Nagato lived with his parents: Fusō and Ise on the outskirts of Amegakure. A large part of his strength is undoubtedly based on the rin'negan, the strongest dou-jutsu in the world, with which he has attained godlike powers. Pain is one of the most powerful people that Konoha has to contend with. During this time he must have developed the pain jutsu, which allows him to control up to six dead bodies at the same time, and instead of appearing himself, he began to assume the false identity of pain in order to show himself to the world through him . A [2] After his training by Jiraiya, he founded a resistance group with the other Ame orphans to finally create peace in Ame. First he calls his hungry mind and human body, but at the end of the fight he has to resort to all six bodies. Elements: He manages to kill many people and mostly destroy the village before Naruto eventually can take him out. Naruto meets his father who manages to bring him back into his normal form and finally, after a long struggle, also defeats the God-body. Nukenin She is - despite the fact that she is Hokage - not a good role model. He believes that only people who have experienced great pain themselves can truly understand each other and therefore wants to attack the world with the Bijuu so that it learns the pain and keeps peace out of fear of more. Status: High quality Pain Naruto gifts and merchandise. Amegakure This is actually not a terrible piece of advice, though Pain’s reasons for saying it are probably a little suspect. Shinobi As a pain he shows himself to be ruthless and merciless, unlike the quiet Nagato of the past, he is not afraid to walk over corpses for his goals. Although he is ready to make sacrifices for his plan, the well-being of his comrades seems to be important to him, as he mourns the dead Deidara. Pain), was the leader of Amegakure and Akatsuki and owns the Rin'negan. Nagato is unaffected by the death of his master, but says that the latter could have hit him if he had discovered Pain's secret faster. Film 1: Naruto - The Movie: Secret Mission in the Land of Eternal Snow, Film 2: Naruto - The Movie: The Legend of the Gelel Stone, Film 3: Naruto - The Movie: The Guardians of the Crescent Moon, Article of the Month December 2008 and April 2011, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, https://naruto.fandom.com/de/wiki/Nagato?oldid=277447. In Pain’s way, he believes in the concept of love because he believes that everyone should know and understand pain. In a lot of ways, using vengeance as a form of justice just breeds more hatred and pain. His second animal body, which is the only woman in the collective, should be emphasized. The description of Nagato as a fundamentally good person who uses the completely wrong means is very appropriate here, since he basically only wants to do good, but completely disregards values ​​such as humanity and therefore gets on the wrong path. Film: in this Naruto aka boruto anime video, we are discussing Naruto vs pain, why the animation turn out badly or funny? He later kills Konan to steal Nagato's eyes. He calls himself both "Pain" and "God". However, just like the others, Nagato is not really alive, but is controlled by Kabuto. 1. When he was very young, Madara Uchiha secretly transplanted his Rinnegan into Nagato without his or his parents' knowledge. Fig. 35 [1] Nagato (Nagato = long-lasting goal), better known within the world of Naruto under the pseudonym Pain. He masters all paths and is able to use techniques of all these. Each other that pain. Naruto manages to lead Nagato back on the right path through the book of her former master, whereby the countless dead shinobi are revived and peace returns. When Pain is discussing his past with Naruto and his actions starting to sound a lil justified - popular memes on the site ifunny.co The fact that he represents himself everywhere through Pain could be due to the fact that his legs are injured and therefore not particularly mobile. His suicide, with which he wanted to save the others, is a great trauma for Nagato So keep your eyes open! Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 (as Pain) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (as Nagato) When Nagato is about to take him away, Hinata intervenes, ie e Naruto confesses her love and wants to sacrifice herself for it. However, he understands his existence as God differently than most antagonists, he does not see himself as a godlike ruler of a world, but rather as a servant of peace, which he tries to bring to the world through pain. Having died shortly before, Jiraiya ended up becoming the reason why Naruto and the others found out the secret of Pain and his ability. Being the leader of a massive criminal organization, Pain was incredibly powerful and had the Rinnegan at his disposal, making him a menace to take on in combat. His best quotes reflect that ultimate goal of his. At some point they meet the Sannin who share their food with them. When Itachi's crow comes out of Naruto's mouth, he believes Itachi would now use Amaterasu against Naruto, but Itachi has freed himself from Kabuto's control with the help of his crow and attacks him instead. Her work has been featured at Loser City, HelloGiggles, and Women Write About Comics among others. died This is something of the crux of Pain’s philosophy about how to bring peace to the world. His favorite food is grilled fish and stew. Jiraiya, who was not sure whether he was looking at Yahiko or Nagato the whole time, finally realizes that Nagato is controlling the Pains from the background and before he dies, he manages to write this knowledge in encrypted form on Fukasaku's back, as well to capture an Ame-Nin and the animal body of Pain and send them to Konoha. If everyone has to live with the understanding of each other’s pain, that might make them less likely to cause each other that pain. Position: Also Read: Kakashi’s Face Reveal In Episode 469 Of Naruto Shippuden It's why he and Sasuke both come to blows and share such a close relationship. Comment. Each body seems to be able to take up or cope with only one path. Since Nagato grew up in the turmoil of war, witnessed the death of his parents and starved, he knows how much suffering war and hatred cause, which has awakened in him a strong need for peace. The morning of the next day they meet Naruto and Bee and Nagato is forced to face Naruto again. He wants to get rid of his old master, since he has come to Amegakure as an enemy and sends Konan to keep him in check until he arrives. If people don’t take the time to consider the pain they might be unintentionally causing others, that pain will always continue in the form of war and hatred. Can do the same incantations of the previous one, if not more. Game: If you did enjoy this video be sure to like this video. In Kanji: So many of the characters carry around their own particular burdens that they sometimes choose to share with others and other times keep locked away inside themselves. In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai. According to Konan, he has never lost a fight and is considered invincible. Episode 135 (as Pain) Episode 128 (Shippuuden) (as Nagato) As Konan confirms, even if Nagato controls the other Pains, he can still use any other path at the same time, since all of these powers belong to his Rin'negan. As Pain, his favorite saying is: "Even a rainy night is full of stars. Oct 16, 2014 - Explore Marion Houston's board" Pain (Naruto Shippuden) ", followed by 252 people on Pinterest. Has unearthly power and stamina (through the doll's body). Naruto is about the boy of the same name who has a big goal: He wants to be finally recognized by his fellow human beings.… Nagato first met Yahiko and Konan after his parents died and he was looking for food with his dog Chibi. Jiraiya played a major role in the life of Naruto Uzumaki and at no point did it become more obvious than during the Pain's Invasion arc. They also seem to be the only ones who knew that Pain was made up of multiple bodies.1 Tells a Fun, but Familiar Tale, Two Moons # 1 Brings Supernatural Horror into the Heart of the Civil War, Naruto: 5 Characters Pain Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Attack On Titan: 5 Deaths That Were Worth The Sacrifice (& 5 That Were In Vain) , One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities About Being A Pirate, 10 Terrible Pokémon With Amazing Evolutions, 10 Wishes Ash Ketchum Would Make On The Dragon Balls, 9 Anime Characters Who Are Older Than They Look (& Their Ages), The Devil Is A Part -Timer: 10 Things Manga Readers Know That Anime Fans Don't, 5 Pokémon Kakashi Would Want On His Team (& 5 He Wouldn't), Avatar: 10 Storylines The New Animated Movie & Series Could Tell, 10 Anime Love Triangles That Didn't end well. Pain), was the leader of Amegakure and Akatsuki and owns the Rin'negan. He experienced this twice, with the murder of his parents and the death of Yahiko, which he did not really process or cope with, whereby he turned from a quiet and shy child into an unscrupulous pain. Ring: By Liz Adler Published Nov 09, 2020. Being alone causes its own kind of pain. Yes, loving people and having attachments to a way of life or a family or friends can lead to pain through the loss of those things. Blood group: No one learns from getting everything right all the time. After Yahiko's death, when Akatsuki was still a group of freedom fighters, he still led them personally. You can only see one eye of Nagato at a time. Narutopedia is a fandom anime community. Interestingly enough, the god body is the only one that wears a ring. Nagato begins to call himself Pain in Naruto Shippuden as he becomes more and more unhinged and begins to really look at what ... It is suspected that he only developed this jutsu because of his limited mobility. Although he wants to bring people suffering, empathy does not seem alien to him, so he mourns the dead Deidara and in the end sacrifices himself to revive the deceased Konoha-Nin. as he becomes more and more unhinged and begins to really look at what he wants to accomplish. He was the Akatsuki leader and a man who wielded a vast jutsu to weaponize against his opponents. If they've never felt pain themselves, they can't begin to understand how to not cause others pain. 2. According to Konan, he has never lost a fight and is invincible. He also manages to find out that Pain is made up of dead bodies. In order to finally bring peace to the rainy realm, the three founded the resistance group "Akatsuki" under the leadership of Yahiko, which soon made a name for itself in the country and found many followers. The two march all night in the direction of the two Jinchuuriki, which turns out to be very time-consuming due to Nagato's lack of mobility, and discuss Akatsuki, Tobi and Kabuto's plans, and the fact that they were both pawns in the plans of others. However, they were ambushed, seriously injuring him and killing Yahiko. With the most terrified look on her face, she asked Sasuke's mother if giving birth hurt. He hid his true identity and performed most of the plot and within Akatsuki and Amegakure as Pain, a six-body collective he controlled, who ran both organizations with a hard hand. 1 Mixes Horror With Conspiracy Theory Paranoia, Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun, Vol. Here he fights against Chouji, Chouza and Kakashi, among others, and manages to kill them. After Jiraiya tries to find the leader of Akatsuki and therefore infiltrates Amegakure, he is quickly discovered by Nagato with the help of Ukojizai no Jutsu. Jul 19, 2013 - Explore Rock Lee's board "naruto jokes", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Naruto is action-packed and a ton of fun to watch but there's no denying that it can be illogical at times. All in all, he is very much shaped by his traumatic past, which is why he has given up the belief that people can get along with each other or that there is lasting peace and is now trying to force them to unite. Test yourself - for free and free of charge If he had a normal figure as a child, today he is extremely emaciated due to the immense chakra consumption of the pain jutsu and disfigured by the many chakra conductors in his body. After a brief conversation with Tsunade, during which she refuses to hand over Naruto, he and Shinra Tensei destroy all of Konoha and kill hundreds of shinobi. Individual human lives do not seem to play a role for him, since sacrifices have to be made for the great dream of peace, and he does not care about the choice of means. ) [FORMS closed for now sorry ... He knocks Bee aside and begins to absorb Naruto's soul, as Kabuto plans to store the dead bodies and souls of the Jinchuuriki separately in Hell King and later to revive them. The Paths of Pain Naruto: 10 Best Pain Quotes, Ranked. Since he wants to unite the Bijuu into one ultimate weapon, one can conclude that he was aware of the existence of the. Bild It was during this time that Nagato's deep desire for peace also arises. To control them, he sends his chakra through the conductors in his back, which is transmitted to the conductors on his respective pain body. People learn from the mistakes they make and the things that cause them pain. In return, they are ready to accept the genocide and the fact that nobody knows who Pain actually is. The Ame-Nin don't know anything about it either, as their leader never shows himself to them and usually lets Konan speak to them. The six paths of pain (ペ イ ン 六道, Pain Rikudou) are based on a Buddhist belief in reincarnation and the associated seven realms. Nagato can transfer a certain part of its power, one of the paths of Rikudou Sennin, to the individual bodies and thus program certain jutsus of it into the body concerned, which they can then use. He then wandered aimlessly through Amegakure, where he met Yahiko and Konan, with whom he soon wandered the country in search of food. So many of the characters carry around their own particular burdens that they sometimes choose to share with others and other times keep locked away inside themselves. In Naruto Shippuden, however, the group becomes much more active and takes on the role of the antagonist. He gives Nagato the choice of either killing the rebel leader Yahiko or Konan will die. Nagato overwhelms both of them, but is stopped by Itachi. Kabuto summons Nagato and the other Akatsuki members through the Edo Tensei. Can shoot down body parts, thorns, and even missiles. The residents of Ame are afraid of him, but worship him as their god because he has finally managed to bring peace to the troubled country. Share the best GIFs now >>> Thereupon he came to the realization that there is no such thing as true peace and a world without hatred and thereupon developed his own plan for world peace: he wants to create such a powerful weapon with the Bijuu that he can World can bring fear and pain, because only through pain do people learn to understand each other and only through fear of this would they stop fighting. 19. His big dream was to create peace in the world of the Shinobi, for this reason he wanted to unite the nine Bijuu into one ultimate weapon that will frighten the world so much that the Shinobi will stop fighting each other. The bodies - with the exception of Shuradō - all have orange hair, similar to the Yahikos, although this was not originally the case. He conjures up numerous Kuchiyose animals, but has to accept that he cannot fight Jiraiya alone in Sennin Moodo. Name But everyone feels pain, regardless of whether they have those kinds of relationships. Nagato absorbs the attack and is thereby rejuvenated in such a way that it passes into his body before synthesizing with Gedou Mazou. After a short fight in which she has no chance at all, she is apparently killed, which infuriates Naruto so much that he switches to the six-tailed form of Kyuubi and later even to the eight-tailed form, forcing Nagato to use Chibaku Tensei. Can restore destroyed bodies using the "devil" jutsu. In Kana: Due to the injuries he sustained in the attack by Danzou and Hanzou on the rebels, he is also unable to walk and can only move around in a kind of six-legged wheelchair. Nagato (Nagato = long-lasting goal), better known within the world of Naruto under the pseudonym Pain (Pain = eng. 1 Is a Clever Isekai Subversion, The Next Batman: Second Son # 1 Shows the Origins of the Future Dark Knight, Department of Truth Vol.175.5 cm [1] Nagato puts his own person far behind, he does not want to be worshiped at all, which is also shown by the fact that he hides behind the facade of pain instead of stepping into the foreground himself and his own body for his ideals massively damages what ultimately costs him his life. September [2] He sits in a kind of wheelchair with six legs. Since Hanzou is still at war and sees the group as a threat, he plans an ambush with the leader of the ANBU-Ne, Danzou Shimura, in which he lures them under the guise of negotiations and then brings Konan under his control. In a filler story, he fights against the Jinchuuriki of the Rokubi, Utakata, and defeats him. Birthday: He wants everyone to physically feel the kind of pain that he thinks the world is responsible for inflicting on each other so that they understand it and accept it as a part of life. Itachi then hits him with the sword of Totsuka and his soul is sealed in the sword. Yahiko's body, the god-pain, is the strongest of the six bodies with the most powerful path and is usually used by Nagato to reveal himself to Akatsuki or the world. Sometime later, during the Second Shinobi World War, Nagato and his parents took shelter in their home to avoid the fighting going on around them. He is the only known user of the Rin'negan who uses this technique, which brings him many advantages in combat, because he can conduct all six at the same time, he can see everything that his body can see, which makes the individual bodies virtually invulnerable and he can overwhelm his opponents just by numerical superiority without putting himself in danger. Because he couldn't take part in the Chunin selection exams, because he was not in Konoha for a long time. Because he was too busy eating noodle soup at Ichiraku's
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