How crazy are your laws

The German paragraph equestrianism is unique and favors dusty laws that should actually be abolished long ago. Others, on the other hand, are only understood when you think about them more carefully. These funny laws shouldn't be missed.

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The funniest laws in Germany

Maybe they're not quite as nonsensical as the US edicts, but they're still pretty funny. These 13 absurd laws still exist in Germany.

1. Swimming in the sewer is prohibited

It's a shame, actually, who didn't like to meet as a child to go for a lap in the cesspool? Unfortunately, this is not officially allowed, because swimming in the sewer requires a permit.

2. Atomic bombs

It is forbidden by law to detonate an atomic bomb or any other nuclear weapon. Otherwise you have to go to prison for up to 5 years. Seems pretty harmless compared to the effects.

3. Not in lockstep over a bridge

It is expressly forbidden to march in lockstep across a bridge. This funny law from Germany actually makes sense, because the reason for it is a possible resonance disaster caused by the sound waves. In 1831 a bridge in the United Kingdom collapsed as 74 soldiers marched over it in lockstep.

4. Drunken weddings

A marriage in Germany is not valid if the parties involved were not conscious or did not know that it was a marriage. This means nasty pseudo-weddings à la "Graf Olaf" (A Series of Unfortunate Events) locked out.

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5. Death penalty in Hesse

In fact, according to state law in Hesse, burglars can still be sentenced to death. Fortunately, since this is prohibited by federal law, the law does not apply.

6. Only parasols in beige

In Bad-Sooden-Allendorf, also in Hesse, you can only use parasols that are beige, pastel or sand-colored. Anyone who spoils the small town idyll with colored or black parasols has to pay a fine.

7. Driving naked

And the next funny law from Germany does not say that driving a car in the naked state is prohibited, but getting out of the car does. Because that counts as harassment and is punished with a 40 € fine.

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8. Blind drivers: inside

According to the road traffic regulations, blind people are allowed to park for up to three hours in residents' car parks and under restricted parking restrictions. Makes sense, without a driver's license.

9. Falling asleep at work

If you fall asleep at work and get injured as a result, for example falling from a chair, this is considered an occupational accident.

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10. Car washing prohibited

Washing the car is prohibited on unpaved ground. Otherwise the chemicals in the cleaning agents can seep freely into the floor. Washing in the garage or on a concrete base without a drain is permitted.

11. Business trips

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the following applies: If a civil servant dies on a business trip, it is deemed to have ended. Yeah, who exactly denied now?

12. Bikes not in the garage

For reasons of fire protection, you cannot store your car wheels in the garage. So far, but does the car always have to be parked without tires? Absolutely stupid.

13. Pillow as a weapon

It comes to one non-consensual pillow fight, the blow can count as a weapon. What matters is how the victim perceives the situation. So watch out for the next overnight party.

14. Attention, drovers: inside you have to comply with the StVo

Anyone who drives their four-legged friends on German roads must comply with the road traffic regulations. Sure, modern flocks of sheep have adapted to the new conditions and would pass the driver's license test in your sleep.

15. Empty tank prohibited

And we stay on the road because this German law is really ridiculous: It is forbidden to have an empty tank on the autobahn. The reason for this law can certainly be understood But it's not like we deliberately stay in the side lane to get luxury fuel from the ADAC.

16. Abandoned swarm of bees

If the swarm of bees is not pursued by its owner, it is considered ownerless. When chasing the swarm, however, owners may enter other people's properties inside. After all, this ludicrously funny law offers future bee-owners this relief: inside.

17. Soccer fields

This law from 1896 is also from the category “useless because it is logical”: It states that a football field must generally be free of trees. Definitely does better at gaming.

Conclusion: Germany, you have to doubt your laws

If it's for some funny laws still quite understandable reasons there, like stepping in step on the bridge, one wonders who has been racking their brains for a long time about the parking behavior of blind people.

In any case, you can with your useless knowledge about funny laws in Germany score at the next small talk. But they are also suitable if you want to improve your networking skills or a topic of conversation for a first date as a great icebreaker.