How is a Molotov cocktail made

Molotow cocktail

Weapon type: distance
Ammunition: no
Weight: 1.5

Molotov cocktails are homemade incendiary weapons that can be thrown by the player. They are useful for dealing with medium to large zombie crowds. Caution is advised, because the resulting fire will spread and can even encircle the player. Molotov cocktails can be made from an empty bottle, gasoline from a gasoline can and a piece of cloth (such as a piece of cloth, socks, or a tea towel).

If a Molotov cocktail is thrown on the floor, a 3x3 large area with fire is created that sets every zombie and every structure that comes into contact with it on fire and burns.

To use it, a lighter must be equipped in the secondary item slot. If a Molotov cocktail that has not been ignited is thrown, the item is consumed without any effect. In this case, only a sound is generated that can be used to distract zombies.

Note: The Fire section details the dangers posed by fire.



item Molotov {Type = Weapon, DisplayName = Molotov Cocktail, Icon = Molotov, MaxDamage = 0.0, MinDamage = 0.0, PhysicsObject = MolotovCocktail, OtherHandRequire = Lighter, OtherHandUse = true, MinimumSwingTime = 3.5, SwingTime = 3.5, SwingAmount = BeforeImpange = 0.1 8.0, MaxHitCount = 0, UseSelf = true, SwingAnim = null, Weight = 1.5}


Pre Alpha
InitialInserted into the game
0.2.0iFire temporarily removed. Fires are invisible from now on.
RC 2.9Fire added again but it doesn't work properly in the builds of this version.

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