How was your YouTube comment pinned

Instagram: pinning comments - this is how it works

Instagram introduces a new feature for the comment section. It is now possible to pin selected articles in comment sections. In this way, the makers want to offer more options for intervention in areas under contributions.

Up to three comments can be pinned to a post on Instagram. In this way, you highlight particularly useful and helpful comments. The creators of Instagram want to provide such a tool to make comment sections a more harmonious place. The aim of the function is to make positive comments under posts more visible.

Instagram: freeze comments

To use the new function, you need the latest update of the Instagram app for your Android smartphone or iPhone. How to fix a comment:

  1. Go to the comment area under your post.
  2. If you want to fix a comment on the iPhone, swipe the corresponding post to the left.
  3. With Android, hold your finger a little longer on the message.
  4. Then you see a Push pin icon. Once selected, the post is pinned.

The sender will be informed as soon as you pinned his comment. Correspondingly marked posts then appear at the top under the post regardless of the total number of comments and your own age. In addition, the contributions are marked accordingly with the addition "Fixed".

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Highlight comments

The pin function has been around for a long time on Instagram live videos. If a post is pinned here, the comment remains permanently in the visible area during the video. With the live video function, too, you can access the corresponding pin function by pressing the desired post.

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