Xanax helps with insomnia

What helps when you stop taking sleeping pills and sedatives?

To get rid of sleeping pills and tranquilizers, it is best to gradually reduce the dose with medical help. Psychological or psychotherapeutic support can help.

There are situations in which you have the feeling that everything is getting out of hand: A broken relationship or a serious illness, for example, can lead to life crises and be extremely stressful. Severe restlessness, insomnia, fear or exhaustion are possible consequences.

Many people find ways and means to deal with such pressures. For others, symptoms like insomnia just don't want to go away. Some people take drugs with the active ingredients zolpidem or zopiclone (so-called "Z-drugs") during such phases. These drugs are among the most commonly prescribed sleeping pills and sedatives by doctors.

can have a calming, anxiety-relieving, muscle-relaxing and cramping effect. They are also used to help you fall asleep and stay asleep better. Z-Drugs are primarily intended to help with difficulty falling asleep.

Sleeping pills and tranquilizers can have severe side effects - including memory and concentration disorders, drowsiness,, behavioral problems and sleep disorders. In addition, they can limit the ability to drive and increase the risk of falling, especially for elderly and sick people.