What are amplifiers 1

1-channel amplifier

1-channel amplifier, also Monoblock or Mono power amplifier are usually used to operate subwoofers.

In fully active car audio systems, however, 1-channel amplifiers can also be used for the independent operation of individual channels.
The advantage of mono amplifiers is that very high output powers can be achieved, as the integrated power supply units only have to supply one channel. In addition, a very high crosstalk attenuation is achieved, which results in perfect channel separation.

Modern class D circuits are used in current car audio 1-channel amplifiers.
These output stages, often also called digital amplifiers or digital output stages, have the advantage over conventional MOSFET / transistor amplifiers with an analog circuit structure that a very high degree of efficiency is achieved.

A high degree of efficiency means that as much energy as possible is converted into music performance from the battery voltage and the battery current specified in the vehicle, little power loss arises in the form of radiated heat.
With lower amplifier outputs, digital amplifiers also have the advantage that no very large cable cross-sections are required for the power supply.

1-channel amplifiers with digital circuit design are always the first choice when a high output power is required to operate one or more subwoofers, or when compact device dimensions with low heat generation are required.