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Accounting software from DATEV

Accounting software: definition of terms

Accounting software is used to do the financial accounting of your company digitally. This not only makes your work a lot easier, it also saves you time and money. Accounting programs are primarily aimed at the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which rely on the bookkeeping to be done as quickly and easily as possible.

The good thing about an accounting program is that it instantly alerts you to missing information and inaccurate information. This is important because the profit determination must be submitted to the tax office every year, which gives precise guidelines for correct bookkeeping. The accounting software can be used in the company, but also in the tax consultant's office.

Is there a difference between bookkeeping and bookkeeping?

The terms bookkeeping and bookkeeping are often used synonymously. In business administration, bookkeeping is understood to mean the creation of a "mirror image of the company from figures". The department in the company that does the accounting is called the accounting designated; it employs one or more accountants. It analyzes and documents all business transactions occurring in the company - these are processes that affect the company's assets. This includes items such as income, material purchases, depreciation, loans and labor costs.

The. Serves as part of the accounting system Bookkeeping the preparation of the balance sheet. This results from the profit and loss account and must be submitted to the tax office.

Getting the most out of accounting software

Special software for bookkeeping is supposed to simplify this above all. An on-premise solution like the one at DATEV also saves time. This means that the program can easily be called up from any computer in the company network. In addition, processes such as pre-registration for sales tax or online banking can be done via the program.

The big advantage of accounting software: The entire bookkeeping can be bundled in one program. Ideally, an accounting program can also support other commercial processes in the company.

An accounting software also has the advantage that all financial accounting data bundled in one place become. The data is stored on the servers belonging to the accounting program. As a company, you no longer have to worry about backing up your documents. The DATEV solutions for accounting are optimally tailored to your operational needs and you always have all the documents for the tax office together.

Select accounting software in comparison

A bookkeeping software comparison pays off. The best way to find the right software for your company is to use the different ones Compare the functions and possibilities of the accounting programs. Let your tax advisor show you how you can optimize your booking processes with the DATEV accounting software. Electronic bank booking, digital receipt book, secure payment processes and professional dunning: With DATEV you have all functions from a single source.

Your tax advisor knows your company and supports you in comparing accounting software. Your current company figures are taken into account and found the right solution for you. You can organize the cooperation very flexibly, various forms of "division of labor" are conceivable. If you are not yet working with a tax advisor, you can find competent support for your accounting on DATEV SmartExperts - and that in your area.

DATEV accounting software: A program for companies and tax consultants

When companies and tax advisors use the same accounting software, receipts, postings and all other information are exchanged smoothly - regardless of how the work is distributed.

Ideally, an accounting program can also support other commercial processes in the company. Typically, the booking software is used in asset accounting and financial accounting. DATEV solutions are the result decades of experience with accounting software. With a program from DATEV you can process your system booking easily and legally. Our accounting programs always comply with the current legal situation and can be seamlessly integrated into the accounting of your company.

Bookkeeping with DATEV combines all essential commercial tasks under one surface: bookkeeping, order management, the processing of payment transactions and the digital filing of documents. This makes the processes in your company even more efficient - and also offers completely new possibilities for working with your tax advisor.

Carry out financial accounting easily and legally with DATEV

DATEV accounting programs optimize the entire accounting process and enable efficient processes in operation as well as a optimal cooperation with the tax advisor. Your accounting software should be based exactly on the requirements of your company and take into account the specifics of the industry and the size of the company.

DATEV's accounting software is primarily intended for medium-sized companies. Our program DATEV medium-sized companies are available in several variants. If you would like to test our accounting programs for free first, you can simply try them out in our test center.

DATEV also offers solutions for industries that cover their individual requirements. The DATEV product portfolio includes specific solutions for the following industries:

  • Bakeries and pastry shops
  • construction industry
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Automotive company
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Social facilities
  • Forwarding agents, logistics and transport
  • Associations, foundations and gGmbHs
  • Housing company

The industry packages can be used in connection with DATEV Mittelstand Invoicing and Accounting.