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the essentials in brief
  • Firewalls are IT security programs that prevent external threats from hackers, Trojans or other malware. Attacks from the Internet or from the network are made more difficult.
  • For example, a system has a Windows firewall or an Apple firewall. Firewalls also play an important role on cell phones.
  • An Internet security or hardware firewall also scans existing data on storage media or download files. A firewall is absolutely recommended as software for private individuals and also recommended for companies as a hardware firewall on the modem.

A firewall has been protecting against Internet threats for many years. Protection against malware and intruders is becoming more and more complicated. At times will be Private and commercial notebooks and PCs have been hit by large waves of attacks. Well-known threats like Trojans are more common in the media with current names. It is known that a connection to the Internet can render a PC unusable after just a few minutes if it is unprotected. Malware is widespread.

The existing firewall on Windows systems is not necessarily considered secure, but rather somewhat insecure. Users of this system should better use a firewall as well. Even at Apple, another firewall has become a recommendation. In recent years, however, certain security gaps have been discovered. Understanding how the firewall works is not difficult, even for beginners.

1. A good firewall is essential

With the help of a firewall, film and music can be enjoyed again on the Internet. It is not uncommon for threats to occur to an Internet user precisely on the websites for music, video or even e-mail. Attackers know that there is interesting data and users right there. Using a firewall for free is certainly not a mistake. However, as a purchased download, the software offers even more security. Unfortunately they are the internet threats have become brazen. Some users can no longer protect themselves.

Protecting the hardware with a firewall is absolutely essential. Many data thieves target classified data. Financial data, date of birth, place of residence, digital signatures or the email address are threatened. In itself, a firewall is easy to explain because it has an interface for the user. The security of personal data is graded at the request of the user. Certain safeguards must be loosened or increased. First, we would like to discuss certain advantages or disadvantages of a firewall that can arise.

Advantages and disadvantages of a firewall shown transparently:

  • an important addition to the system firewall
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection for important data
  • temporarily blocked important websites
  • Settings not understandable for everyone

The three most important functions of a firewall we explain in the following overview:

Personal firewall On a private PC a firewall protects against external access - it serves as a kind of protective shield
Malware scanner Every firewall offers the function of a scan for all folders or storage areas - a scan can detect whether there are any threats on the system.
External firewall An external firewall also offers protection for the modem - the modem is often attacked even more than the browser

2. These firewalls are available in good price ranges

Various firewall tests that you can find online show that a firewall can be bought in very affordable versions or, for concerned users, in high-quality versions. We recommend a high quality firewall at a good price. We show here relevant aspects for the selection of a firewall, but this is not an extensive firewall test. However, there are useful comparative results from Stiftung Warentest, which will be pointed out. If someone does not want to buy software, there are also firewall ports or rather firewall routers.

In connection with the term firewall, there are numerous similar terms that, of course, have nothing to do with it. If Internet users find the term Firewall Dragon, it is a Yu-Gi-Oh card. Firewall on Blu-Ray is, in turn, a film. A Search should therefore be as targeted as possibleso that software or maybe hardware can be found.

According to the firewall definition, it is a security component for users of a network or the Internet. Most users use a WLAN connection that needs to be protected. A cable connection to the modem is even safer than using Ethernet. In comparison, a simple firewall from Avira can be ordered for around 10 euros a year. This variant is suitable for people who rarely use the Internet. A Norton firewall for around 20 euros offers a little more protection. Attack attempts are protected from threats of varying severity. Two-year protection for a Bitdefender PC can cost around 80 euros. There are always solutions for multiple PCs and smartphones.

3. Buying advice for a firewall: How to find the best firewall

A firewall does not always have to be active if, for example, important changes are made to the system. It must be possible to deactivate a firewall. There is software that does not allow that. When buying, users should already test themselves and find a good user interface. Sometimes there is a unique button for this. Of course, a firewall shouldn't always be switched off be. That would be dangerous. Nowadays the focus of everyday life has shifted to the Internet. The technology can only be switched off once during system maintenance.

A firewall as protection

With data protection laws becoming increasingly strict, firewalls also have to meet ever higher demands. Individual data backup and security are playing an increasing role. The security of third-party data is even more important. High penalties are threatened if data protection is disregarded or not adequately met.

At aFirewall test should be a firewall with a virus scanner and at the same time be equipped with malware protection. Only in this way can a system be protected against access. This is because malware can first access it, which then opens a gap in the system. Users have to reckon with the worst and not necessarily take risks that will annoy them later.

A Windows firewall or a Internet security usually know the programs and the current certificates on the Internet that are safe. If there are security gaps here, a firewall is blocking. The function of every firewall is based on this fundamental principle. Even the best firewalls allow loopholes that cannot be secured. Attacking these loopholes is, however, also prohibited.

Firewalls are always designed for one operating system. So if the wrong version is purchased, it will not work. However, you do not have to pay attention to whether a program for the Windows firewall is suitable. This firewall is turned off with the installation. The Internet Security then takes over the protection of the system. Combinations of any malware or firewall are not good. They block each other and create patchy protection.

With the firewall for Windows 7 or 10, however, it is not very possible to make adjustments; an external firewall and a personal firewall can also complement each other. Nevertheless, the user of a network does not necessarily have to use an external firewall. This firewall can protect a VPN connection, for exampleif this is used. A personal firewall that is as good as possible should suffice for ordinary users in a firewall test.

Tip: It makes sense to inquire about the required storage space and RAM beforehand so that trouble can be avoided at an early stage.

Buyers should make sure that the firewall protects, for example, online banking and, if possible, offers child protection, theft protection and protection for cloud use. A firewall with an explanation for beginners basically promises easy use. Insecure beginners should first set the security level to the highest level.

4. Use the firewall correctly for best results

Firewalls require maintenance. A firewall needs to be updated on the internet. As soon as an Internet user goes online with the firewall software, it accesses updates. Internet security is no longer secure if there are no updates. A user must therefore make absolutely sure that his firewall and his malware protection are supplied with current data from the provider. Programs, who access updates as automatically as possible seem safer.

A user would rather fall back on high-quality software. The program starts after installation on Apple or Windows and can be customized with personal settings. Various tests state that a firewall can be used forLinux is not needed because this software is designed to be really secure since. If the firewall has to be deactivated once, this can be done in the system settings in the security area.

Note: A test run time simplifies the selection of a firewall that is easy to use in the application.

Only 60% of Internet users state in a survey that they are Use firewall. Far too few in terms of threats.

5. Useful FAQ and answers about the firewall

5.1. What are the names of well-known manufacturers?

The most popular firewalls include:

  • AVG
  • Avira
  • Barracuda
  • Bitdefender
  • Cisco
  • Comodo
  • ESET
  • G Data
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • Sonic Wall
  • Sophos
  • Watchguard

5.2. What kind of firewall for which user?

A firewall with Internet security software, for example, is sensible protection for Windows. Such firewalls form a suite of security tools for Facebook, mail or banking. In a firewall comparison, Stiftung Warentest shows which software is good. This type of Internet Security and Firewall should be made by a brand or manufacturer. The purchase advice looked at itself as a firewall for Windows 10 such as AVG Antivirus, Watchguard, Sonicwall or a Comodo firewall. A suitable firewall software with internet security is one type of Firewall comparison winner or best firewall at a good price.

Note: A cheap or high-quality firewall generally puts the same load on the system.

5.3. Where can I find a firewall for my needs?

Buying a firewall is for example on amazon.de possible. From the search terms hardware firewall and ports to Firewall Dragon. There aren't many types of firewalls.

Tip: The software does not have to have exaggerated functions, but it does well in the test.

5.4. Is there already a firewall test from Stiftung Warentest?

In this category there is currently a test for computer security and firewalls for 04/2018. In the “Computer Security” category, tests on firewalls and the like show which aspects are important and thus optimally complements the last test for anti-virus programs.

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