What is AirPods wireless charging

Charge AirPods wirelessly - this is how charging works


Thanks to the Apple Airpods, you can listen to your favorite music from your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. You won't get caught on a cable during sports, for example. Below we will show you how to recharge the Airpods after use.

Charge AirPods in the case

You can charge your Apple Airpods wirelessly in the supplied case. All you have to do is open the case and insert the Airpods into the designated places. Make sure that the left headphone is plugged into the left surface and the right headphone into the right surface. These are then loaded.

Load case

As soon as you have charged your Airpods several times wirelessly using the enclosed case, the case needs to be charged. However, you cannot do this wirelessly yet. According to Apple, only the 2nd generation of Apple Airpods will be equipped with a magnetic coil so that inductive charging via a charging mat is possible. To charge the 1st generation, you need a standard Apple charging cable. The indicator light on the AirPod case shows you how much battery your case has left or whether it is being charged. The following colors can be seen here:
  1. If the control lamp lights up green, your case still has more than 20 percent battery.
  2. If the control lamp lights up red, the case has less than 20 percent battery charge.
  3. If the control lamp flashes orange, your case is being charged.

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