How is the health in South Africa


In rivers and lakes you should because of Risk of schistosomiasis do not bathe, you could become infected with the larvae of the pair of leeches living in fresh water, which are the causative agents of this tropical infectious disease. The larvae enter the human body through the skin, where the adult suction worm feeds on human blood, especially in the blood vessels of the intestine and urinary bladder.

Symptoms include an itchy rash, fever, chills and abdominal pain through to bloody diarrhea or cystitis. A Beach visit in South Africa is of course a must. For safety reasons, you should only swim in the sea on guarded or public beaches. The subject of sharks also plays a major role. The endangered great white shark, which is protected in South Africa, is active in the Cape region and is important for the balance of the marine ecosystem. It is present all year round around Cape Town, but changes its residence areas with the seasons. From April to September, the great white shark is mostly found near seal colonies. From October to March, great white sharks can be found along the coast and often in close proximity to swimming beaches. There are other shark species that appear in the Cape Town area, but are not dangerous to humans. Basically, sharks do not see humans as their natural prey. However, attacks can occur when sharks feel threatened, when they mistake humans for their prey or want to find out out of curiosity what “a human” is. You should therefore observe the following safety instructions when swimming in the sea:

  • Swimming on the beach, where there are so-called shark spotters Inquire about the current shark situation.
  • Do not swim far out into the sea by yourself, but hang out with groups of people. Also, don't swim in deep water outside of the waves.
  • Pay attention to signals from beach staff and signs about sharks.
  • Under no circumstances go into the sea with a bleeding wound.
  • Do not go swimming at night or alone.

More information about sharks in South Africa can be found at » and» The public beaches of KwaZulu-Natal are secured by shark nets.