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This is a tourist visa and is suitable for all people who want to vacation on the idyllic island. This applies to both young and old, because children also need a tourist card. Tourist cards are intended for a stay of 30 days with a tourist purpose. Entry into Cuba is not possible without the tourist card. So make sure that you apply for this in good time before you start your journey. On the border Cuba will be noTourist cards issued.

Alternatively, you can use your tourist card as well directly online and inexpensive from 40 euros Apply for delivery via Buch-Dein-Visa. You will receive an after ordering on our website Blank tourist card for Cuba conveniently by post to fill in and travel off. You are also welcome to pick up the tourist card in person at our branch in Brühl. Sending by email is not possible.

The tourist card is valid for 180 days from the date of issue and entitles the traveler to a stay of 30 days. . The tourist card for entry is not issued at the Cuban border. It is therefore imperative to take care of this BEFORE you start your journey. When you book a package tour, you may receive it automatically when you book through a travel agency. To get a Cuba tourist card, you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months and proof of a foreign health insurance that is valid for Cuba. Would you like to spend a dream vacation in Cuba? You can book package tours to Cuba at unbeatable prices through our partner Buch-deine-Reise.de.

Danger: Regular, statutory German insurance is not accepted. We also recommend a Escort policy in spanish language. A policy, a certificate or a card from the respective insurer is usually sufficient to provide evidence.

The Tourist card permits a stay of 30 days in Cuba after entry. This can only be done in one and costs a fee of a few CUC. The "Inmigracion" is there in Havana or in one of the provincial capitals. It is advisable to visit this early in the day as it can be crowded at times.

When you come to Cuba, part of the tourist card is cut off and stamped. You will get the other half back. Keep this part of the Cuba tourist card in a safe place because it will be stamped again when you leave the country. On arrival, the first hotel in which you will be accommodated will usually be noted on arrival. The same thing happens when you renew the tourist card. Beware of illegal overnight accommodation: an approved one Casa or an approved one hotel you can recognize it by a corresponding sign outside.

If a landlord or hotelier does not want to see your passport or does not want to write you down, these could be signs that the accommodation is illegal. If you want to stay in Cuba longer than the permitted 60 days, you must apply for a visa at the Cuban consulate. In this case, contact König Tours. We handle your visa matters for Cuba quickly and confidently.

A tourist card for Cuba must be obtained by every traveler before departure and is only valid for individuals. You should also have one to handle the customs formalities passport that is valid for six months from entry and beyond your stay. Children must also be able to show a child's passport upon entry. In addition, when visiting Cuba, travel insurance is required that covers medical treatment or treatment costs in Cuba. You do not have to fear illnesses in Cuba. Cuba is considered to be one of the most advanced countries in the Caribbean from a medical point of view. Please note that you must provide proof upon entry that you have sufficient funds feature. You should carry an equivalent of 50.00 US dollars with you per day.

Cuba is a very safe country and the penalties for crimes against tourists are very severe. That is also necessary, because Cuba lives mainly from its tourism. So visiting Cuba is worthwhile. You can also see that in the many dream beaches, the mangrove forests and the many Tobacco and sugar cane plantationsthat so captivate the tourists. Who has never wanted to know how cigars or rum are made? The animal world is also unparalleled. Whole colonies of flamingos and numerous species of butterflies enchant the attentive observer.

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additional Information

Please also refer to the for more detailed information Safety and warning notices of the Foreign Office. These can change on a daily basis. You can also obtain further information from the Cuban consulate. Do you still have questions about the tourist card for Cuba? König Tours will be happy to help you.