Why don't my iPhone videos load

Your iPhone is no longer playing videos? This is how you solve the problem

Have you been on the road and recorded a really cool video with your iPhone? Or do you want to watch a film, but find that videos can no longer be played on your device? In most cases this error is very easy to fix.

Restart the iPhone

If the iPhone does not want to play videos, there can be various reasons for this, which are often not immediately apparent. The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem is to restart the iPhone. To do this, hold the on / off button down until the controller appears. Then move it to turn off the device. Wait a moment and then restart it by pressing the on / off button longer.

Do you have the right format?

Another reason the video won't play could be that it is in the wrong format. Therefore, you should make sure that it is in MP4 format. If not, you have two options: First, you can convert it using QuickTime or another program. As a second solution method, try a different media player. A little tip: play the video on iTunes beforehand. If that works, the probability is relatively high that the problem is with the device and not the video.


The website could be out of date

You want to watch the video in your Safari browser, but it won't play it? This could indicate an outdated website. The problem: If it uses the Flash format, your iPhone will not be able to play the video. In this case you have to watch it on your PC.

Reset your iPhone

If the case actually occurs that none of the advice mentioned works and therefore no improvement occurs, there is only one option left: You have to reset your iPhone. Before doing this, however, you should make a backup, as all data will be deleted when you reset. You can find out how to do this here.


  • If your iPhone doesn't want to play a video, restart it first and then try again.
  • Pay attention to the correct format, play the video on iTunes beforehand.
  • If the website is out of date, you have to switch to the PC.
  • Resetting the iPhone is the last resort. Make a backup beforehand!

Do you record a lot of funny videos with your iPhone? Is everything going smoothly? Tell us about it in the comments.