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Rediscover recipes and stories about cooking. cookpool is an open and free recipe database for everyone. We developed cookpool so that you can manage recipes quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. Design your feed with your favorite chefs. Re-experience an exciting type of cookbook.

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Create your own recipes and let the cookpool community participate. We have set up a private area for your secret cooking recipes - safe and reliable.

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Your recipes deserve a new place. At cookpool you can save your favorite recipes in your own cookbooks at any time - clearly and practically.

Swiss nutritional values

Your individual, creative recipe will be compared with our nutritional values. You will then receive a transparent nutritional overview and see what your food really contains. You will also help people with a dietary restriction to eat better with your recipe - varied and healthy.

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cookpool is an independent recipe platform - for everyone | celebrate your food! Together we inspire everyone.

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