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Economical travel with the motorhome - 7 tips for bargain hunters! Part 1

The nice thing about a vacation on four wheels: You have the costs under control yourself. When camping, you can travel sparingly in many areas - without being tight or restricting yourself. We at WOBI - the fairCamper portal will show you the best tricks for this!

Tip 1: Take a look at the Holiday calendar

Sure: In the main season, renting a motorhome is more expensive than in the off-season. Only: When is the “main” season at all? It mostly lies in the School holidays - and they differ from state to state.

You can take advantage of that! If there are already school holidays in your state, the children in the neighboring state may still have to cram. Then there is still the off-season there, and many campers are cheap on the site at the motorhome rental company. Price difference: 20 to 30 percent! So if you plan your vacation cleverly and accept a detour in the travel route, you save a lot: For example, if the camper costs 135 euros a day for you in the main holiday season, the rent for the same model and the same period in the holiday-free state may only be 100 euros. Booked two weeks there means: 490 euros saved.

Tip 2: which camper would you like?

Please close your eyes once and dream of a palace on four wheels: With lush seating, luxury kitchen, the king-size double bed in whose sheets you lose yourself ... And now: Welcome to reality. You with such a giant ship on the tour of the old town shunting wildly in the crowd of alleys. Save yourself the stress and the high rent: choose the size smaller for city hopping, for sightseeing tours, if you want to continue every few days anyway. So you are more agile, flexible and rested on vacation. And get around much cheaper. Example: A compact van with a length of 5.40 meters is available in the main season for a daily price of around 110 euros - on the other hand, a motorhome with a queen-size bed and just under seven meters in length costs around 160 euros. Savings for two weeks rental: 700 euros.
But which camper is the right one for your motorhome vacation? We have about this in our article "Which camper suits me?" put together an overview for you.

Tip 3: Take it easy!

Refuel again? Yes, if you press the tube in the motorhome. The faster you are on the road with it - the more the consumption increases. Much stronger than with the car at home. If you had known: This alone saves 20 percent fuel if you drive your camper an average of 100 km / h on the autobahn - instead of 110. Modern motorhomes have a turbo-diesel: It can be driven at low speeds - you can So shift up early, consumption will drop. With a forward-looking, calm and low-speed driving style, the average consumption is around 11 liters per 100 Kilometre. Hectic overtaking, constant braking and accelerating, on the other hand, drives consumption up to 16 liters. Additional costs due to such speed stress, depending on the diesel price: around 30 euros per tank.

Tip 4: save while you sleep

The journey was long, now it's finally: Good night. You don't have to spend it on a campsite if it goes on the next morning anyway. The alternative is called a parking space. These are parking areas especially for motorhomes, where you can tap water or empty the toilet and stand for one night or more. Average overnight price in Germany: five euros, some are even free. On the other hand, at the campsite you have to shell out 20 to 30 euros. Because there are usually no showers and toilets on parking spaces, your vehicle should be equipped with them. If not: Many campsites offer inexpensive overnight accommodation especially for short-term holidaymakers - outside the fenced area, but with free use of the shower and toilet.
Would you like to find out more about the difference between a campsite and a pitch? Then this article definitely very helpful!

Tip 5: at the table, please!

When outside in front of the motorhome the grill hisses, the setting sun is reflected in the full beer glass - then this is a highlight of your vacation. Feast in the middle of nature. When it comes to shopping for this, the savings tip is: It's all in the mix. Basic food, coffee, drinks, sweets, everything that lasts and is cheaper in Germany is bought at home. You then buy fresh ingredients and local specialties on site - an experience! Stroll through fragrant, colorful weekly markets, stop at the small farm shop, haggle with the fishmonger - this way you not only get to know the country and its people, but also buy directly from the producer. Maybe you can find a recipe book with dishes from the holiday region? Then you already know what culinary delights are going on there before you leave, and you can get hold of typical ingredients even more specifically.

Tip 6: the price makes the difference

The sun is shining, the sausages are sizzling, and the lake is beautiful. Camping means freedom, and so the decision is clear: we will stay here even longer. Just annoying that the other campsite around the corner was a few euros cheaper. Experienced campers know: If there are several comparable campsites at the place of the overnight stay, you should choose the one with the lower price. Perhaps the difference is only six euros per night. But how quickly an overnight stay can turn into a few more - and the supposedly small price difference suddenly turns into a double-digit sum of money.
Only one night was planned, but then you realize that the old town is a dream, that the beach also invites you to linger, and that the delights in the restaurants in the area also make you want more. And suddenly you only start driving after four days. You would have saved your travel budget by € 24 with the similar but cheaper campsite. You can find the perfect campsite with the WOBI campsite search - with over 22,000 campsites across Europe, you are guaranteed to find the right one.

Tip 7: come with four paws

Your vacation isn't complete without your dog? Nice to have Wauzi and Co. in the camper easy to take with you can and many campsites allow four-legged friends. Make sure you follow the local regulations - otherwise it will be really expensive: It can cost more than 200 euros in Austria, for example, Bello's legacy not to be eliminated immediately.
And: Have your European pet passport with you when you travel abroad. Your dog's vaccinations are listed there. Without the document, the authorities could even quarantine your darling - which you would then have to pay for.
You can find more helpful and quite interesting information in our series of articles "With the dog in the motorhome“.

So you see: There are many ways to save money on your wallet with your camper on holiday. Even when booking your dream motorhome. How much you can save - have a look right away, on WOBI - the fairCamper portal.