Has anyone ever spilled your drink

Has anyone seen Galactus laugh?

In Hercules # 3 and # 4, the title character saves a planet called Ciegrim 7, known across the galaxy for distilling the best beers, from a group of aliens called the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is a race of aliens whose home planet was destroyed by Galactus centuries ago - an event they considered god to punish them for their sins. From this point on, the survivors kidnap a planet every year and leave it at a specified coordinate as a sacrifice to their vengeful god (Galactus). After battling the Brotherhood and rescuing Ciegram 7, Hercules is celebrated as a hero by its residents and they reward him with some of their best beers, including a bottle of "the strongest liquor in the known universe".

When Galactus discovers that his victim won't arrive this year, he sets off to find his next meal - which turns out to be Ciegram 7. After a short fight, Hercules invites Galactus to have a drink with him - where he tips the world eater's cup with the super strong alcohol he received from the Ciegrams. It turned out that Galactus knew that Hercules had displaced his drink but only drank it to amuse the young god and made himself laugh. To show Hercules his gratitude for the entertainment, Galactus spares Ciegram 7 and sets a course for another galaxy.