What does a mechanical engineer actually do

Profession as
Mechanical engineer

The first point is obvious: In order to be able to take up the profession of mechanical engineer, you need a degree in engineering such as mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering or materials science. Lateral entrants are rather rare given the professional requirements for the profession. In addition, the specialization that you chose in the main course is groundbreaking for your career choice. In most job advertisements, the desired focus areas are specified.

In everyday life as a mechanical engineer, you need three things in addition to your specialist knowledge in order to be successful. Firstly, the ability to work in a team, because with such complex processes you have to rely on each other and complement each other with your specialist knowledge. The exchange with one another is very important, which leads us to requirement # 2: eloquence. Since you pass on your knowledge on a daily basis, for example in construction to the draftsman, in sales to potential buyers, you are expected to be able to express yourself precisely and clearly, both verbally and in writing. Third, you should be able to think and work in a structured and cost-conscious manner, because this is indispensable in every area of ​​responsibility.

Good English is a prerequisite for a job as a mechanical engineer, and a semester abroad also looks very good on your résumé. Otherwise you should of course be able to use the common programs that you already know from your studies, such as Inventor.

What else do you need Traveling! In many positions you will regularly leave your company and also have to plan one or two overnight stays in hotels.