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Calm down: 9 ingenious tips on how to relax immediately

Deadline pressure, emotional stress, physical tension: all of this means stress - and can damage your health in the long term. It is all the more important to create an opposite pole and to calm down regularly. Here you can find out how relaxation works properly, even for a short time.

Inner peace through sport

Are you totally electrified and the carousel of thought simply cannot be stopped? To calm down, you have to clear your mind. It has been proven that this works with the tried and tested means of sport. Some find relaxation by running in the fresh air, others switch off better with yoga. Still others have to work out with HIIT in order to get into the state of inner calm.

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Important: Avoid overtraining, otherwise your body will permanently release stress hormones that stand in the way of relaxation.

With meditation to inner peace

When we feel emotionally stressed, we often brood over the past or imagine future (horror) scenarios. In this case, meditation has been shown to be an effective method that will give you peace of mind in no time and even improve your heart health. You learn to consciously arrive in the here and now and observe your thoughts instead of identifying with them.

That's how it's done: As soon as you feel that your head is switching to turbo again, tell yourself “stop” inside. Imagine turning a volume knob to quieter your thoughts. You don't need a meditation cushion or a guru for this. If you still prefer to meditate under guidance, there are now many apps, podcasts and online courses for you.

Relax with the help of breathing

Studies show that our breathing is one of the most important tools for calming down. The good thing: It is also the simplest method that can work immediately.

This is how it works: As soon as stress arises and you want to grab a chocolate snack or are about to blow out of your skin, pause and connect with your breath. Notice how the air flows through your nose, down your throat, into your lungs and then exits your body the same way. Just observe, not evaluate or control. In addition, you can put a hand on your solar plexus to consciously breathe through your stomach. This can also relax.

Calm through gratitude

A particularly simple and effective method for short-term calming down is a gratitude exercise.

Very easily: On a particularly stressful day, keep reminding yourself what you are grateful for right now. This can be a person, something material or things in life that are important and possible to you. If the stress persists, a set evening routine can help: Before going to bed, write down three things that you feel grateful for.

Relax through consistent decisions

Yes, no, maybe: Those who constantly fluctuate between the options and do not commit themselves can find it difficult to calm down. Practice taking a clear stand and not questioning it over and over again.

SOS tip: If you are acutely stressed by a decision, make a note of the options and possible solutions. Put the note next to your bed, sleep on it for a night and pick it up the next morning. Make a choice and stick with it. We are usually most focused in the morning hours. You can take advantage of this to let more peace come into your life.

Come to rest according to plan

What am I wearing today? What do I have for breakfast? How many calories are in today? Do I go running, go to the gym, or do I do rest day? Questions about questions that we ask ourselves every day and can stress ourselves out with it. It is much better and more relaxed to live according to plan. Fixed routines form the red thread of your everyday life, which you can work your way along without constantly having to question yourself or make decisions.

This is how it can go: Always get up at the same time, enter your training days in a calendar and plan your meals for the week on Sunday. A well-structured training plan or a nutrition plan can also help to achieve more peace and balance, because you can finally give up control.

Switch off in nature

Stressed? Then it's best to go out into the fresh air immediately. According to a recent study, just 20 minutes in nature lower your stress level. The cortisol level drops by up to 20 percent during this period.

Very easily: Whether you go for a walk, jog or lie down in the garden and watch the clouds - nature is guaranteed to calm you down.

Inner peace through sleep

We have long known how important a good night's sleep is for health. Those who sleep poorly are usually less concentrated in everyday life, have frequent food cravings and are more likely to suffer from headaches - to name just a few negative effects. If more inner peace is your goal, you should pay attention to the quality of your sleep.

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SOS tip: A power nap can also work wonders in stressful phases. If you find it difficult to relax in the middle of the day, try a quick meditation or breathing exercise.

Calm down with the help of diet

It is not without reason that it is said: "You are what you eat." If you want to relax, you should possibly tweak your diet a little. You can promote relaxation through certain foods.

The most important rules: Avoid alcohol and caffeine whenever possible, especially at bedtime. Soothing herbal teas - especially made from lemon balm, hops and lavender - are more suitable. The best anti-stress foods are walnuts with honey, dark chocolate, oatmeal, cashews, and green vegetables like Chinese cabbage, endive, spinach, and broccoli.

They contain important vitamins and the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin and melatonin. These in turn are known as happiness and sleep hormones.

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  • Emotional and physical stress are part of everyday life and are not a cause for concern. Chronic stress can be detrimental to health in the long run.
  • It is important for the body and mind to regularly worry and calm down in order to relax.
  • There are many ways to find inner peace in a stressful everyday life - even for a short time.
  • The most proven ways to calm down are: exercise, meditation, gratitude and breathing exercises, fixed routines, time in nature, consistent decisions, good sleep and a balanced diet.


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