How do I get started with skateboarding

Learning to skateboard: what do you need to know?

When it comes to skateboarding, practice makes perfect

Skater almost always shine a special one Nonchalance off while she on the go with her board are. However, if you try your luck with such a means of transport for the first time, you will quickly find that this coolness hard work is. But those interested do not have to throw the gun in the towel, because it is never too late to buy a skateboard, to learn to drive and in the future yourself to be one of the cool kids.

But what should you watch out for if you want to skateboard in your free time? From which Age should children be on the board? Can also Adults still learn how to use it? And enough to ride a skateboard properly, one manual from or is the Attending a course necessary? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

Fine table for skateboarding

TBNROffenseFine (€)
125100They used the road even though there was a sidewalk.5
137100As pedestrians / skaters you ignored a red light.5
137101... There was an accident.10

FAQ: Learn to ride a skateboard

What does it take to learn to skateboard?

In addition to a skateboard, you should also pay attention to suitable clothing and shoes. In addition, it makes sense to put on protectors and a hard hat. However, there is no statutory helmet requirement or similar.

At what age can children learn to ride a skateboard?

In principle, the individual development of the child is decisive for this. However, experts recommend that you be patient until your 10th to 12th birthday. Because by then the sense of balance is well developed. A factor that is particularly important for road safety.

When do skaters face sanctions?

This table of fines shows in which cases you have to reckon with fines.

What equipment is necessary to properly ride a skateboard?

If you want to learn to skateboard, you need one first of all board. Are in trade different styles and brands available. Which one is right depends on which one purpose the skateboard should meet. So that you don't lose track of things, the Visit to a specialty shop worth it or you rummage around special websites such as

Around for sure skateboarding and learning one or the other Surviving a fall without serious injuries, is also a suitable one protective gear makes sense. This should especially be the following Components contain:

  • Hard hat
  • Protectors for wrists, knees and elbows
  • Gloves

Last but not least, she also plays proper clothing an important role because this should comfortable be and sufficient Freedom of movement grant. Suitable shoes have a flat sole, it doesn't necessarily have to be at the beginning special skate shoe be.

Is it worth it for me Buying a skateboard? To learn to drive, too Courses offered. These often have the advantage that they give you the Equipment provided will and you yourself try out can. If you find out after a short time that this means of transport is not for you, you can save the investment in the equipment. In principle, however, you can also use the board without a special course learn.

Learning to ride a skateboard: tips and tricks for beginners

Before you get into the public road transport overturn, you must die Basicsto learn to skateboard safely. For children, adults and fit seniors, this includes the following in particular Lessons:

  • Standing on the skateboard: This is about keeping your balance on the board and finding out which foot position fits best.
  • Properly repel: To ride a skateboard, beginners learn to kick each other carefully, shifting all of their weight onto the forefoot.
  • Perform steering maneuvers: In order to make a turn on the skateboard, you need to shift your weight accordingly.
  • Braking safely: Not only driving but also braking has to be learned, because this can prevent accidents. There are basically different ways to bring the board to a standstill.

At the Beginningif the main thing is to learn to ride a skateboard, play Tricks and feats no role yet. In principle, these should only be tackled if the Mastered the board safely becomes. So here are above all Patience and perseverance asked.

Important! If you want to take part in public transport with the skateboard, the legislature prescribes the use of the sidewalk. Because skateboarders are legally considered pedestrians. However, other passers-by must not be endangered or hindered. Anyone who does not adhere to this requirement or violates other traffic regulations risks being fined.
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Learning to skateboard: what do you need to know?
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