RF electrical engineers work in laboratories

Self-test: is the "HF electrical engineering" course right for me?


Before you want to complete the “HF Electrical Engineering” course, you should be convinced that you really like a project-oriented activity in development and working with electrical and electronic components. You should also like the course description. If you answered these first two questions with a clear “yes”, you can continue to deal with this course. If you are unsure about these questions, you should consider which other further training courses are also suitable for you.

If you do not meet the admission requirements because you have neither learned a relevant profession nor have the required professional experience, you should clarify again whether this professional field is really right for you. And if you come to the conclusion that you really want to study in this area, you could take a look at the training courses for adults to become an EFZ computer scientist or an EFZ media specialist. These would be opportunities to catch up on an apprenticeship qualification in a relevant profession.

If you do not have an apprenticeship qualification but have a high school diploma or an equivalent foreign certificate, find out more about courses in electrical engineering at a university of applied sciences or ETH.

The loss of income during full-time training is not always easy to cope with. Spread over a good 3 years, several thousand francs may have to be raised in addition. If it is not possible for you to procure these on your own, you could try to get a loan in your private sphere. Some banks and credit institutions also offer educational loans. A good argument in favor of financing further training is the relatively quick amortization of costs through wage increases. According to our course and course evaluations (see http://www.ausbildung-weiterbildung.ch/Lehrgangsrating.aspx), the majority of course graduates receive a federal diploma. Conclusion within 1-2 years of a wage increase. Do the following math: How much would a 10% wage increase per year be? How many years do you need to recoup the costs for the course? How much more do you earn over your entire professional life as a result of this wage increase? Most of the time, that's a six-figure amount, which confirms that training is the best personal investment there is.

The time required for training or further education should not be underestimated. Going out, holidays and spontaneous wellness weekends often fall by the wayside. However, this time usually goes by relatively quickly. The prospect of better job opportunities and more wages should be enough motivation to get through this period. It often helps to organize yourself in study groups. It also makes sense to stick with it right from the start and plan fixed learning times. Good learning effects can be achieved by creating summaries and mind maps. Flash card systems help you memorize. There are many tools and ideas out there to make learning easier. You will receive the advisor “The personal learning strategy” free of charge if you register with a school via Bildung-Weiterbildung.ch.

If you doubt whether you will pass the diploma exams, you can count on the fact that every school has an interest in getting all of its students through to the final exams. Talk to your school principal or the person responsible for the course and ask about support options. But if you have the basic skills, it is basically possible to pass these exams with good motivation, perseverance and diligence. If you suffer from exam anxiety, good preparation, various practical tips, therapeutic treatments or, in serious cases, even medication can help. You will receive the advisor on "Overcoming exam anxiety" when you register with a school viabildung-Weiterbildung.ch.

The benefits of further training are usually measured in terms of higher wages, more demanding tasks or promotions. This assumes that you make an effort to change your professional position accordingly and, if necessary, that you can enforce your demands. If you have already made the experience that this is not always so easy for you, you could also check whether personal job coaching could be of use to you in addition to further training.

So now the decision is yours. If in doubt, seek personal advice from a school or external advice center. If you inquire about course or course documents at a school via www.ausbildung-weiterbildung.ch, you will receive free educational or school advice worth CHF 150.00 upon request.

A list of providers can be found here: Electrical engineering (HF)

We wish you all the best, both professionally and privately, and a wonderful and exciting future!

The team frombildung-Weiterbildung.ch