What is the Average GPA for Billionaires

GPA union calls for "millionaires tax"

The background to the demand is that employees in Austria pay almost 80 percent of the tax revenue and thus they also have to bear the main burden of the costs of the CoV crisis - even though many have lost income due to unemployment or short-time work, say the representatives the GPA union. Millionaires, on the other hand, contribute far too little to tax revenue - that has to change quickly.

Symbolic palanquin

The rally of the GPA union on the main square in Graz was action-oriented: a red carpet was rolled out for a millionaire, then he was carried through the city by workers in a litter.

"CoV crisis as a fire accelerator"

The aim is to highlight the massive imbalance in the Austrian tax system, said Mustafa Durmus, regional secretary of the GPA, “that the tax burden is borne for the most part - 80 percent - by employees Anna the average consumer pays, but wealth-related taxes only make up 1.3 percent, and the CoV crisis has had an accelerating effect on this issue. "

Graduated tax proposed

The union cites calculations according to which the costs of the CoV crisis would amount to 60 billion euros - that makes up almost 16,000 euros for each of the 3.8 million employees; Money that nobody has in times of short-time work and unemployment, said Christian Jammerbund, deputy managing director of the GPA.

“The ÖGB tax model provides for a graduated tax, with a million allowance, until then it costs nothing, beyond that 0.5 percent, from two million one percent and from three million then one and a half percent. That sounds very little at first glance, but this immense wealth brings in up to five billion euros in additional tax revenue every year - money that we need now to cope with the costs of the crisis and money that we will need in the future, ”said Jammerbund.

The richest households

The average house builder would not be affected, said the GPA: Anyone with 1.5 million euros in assets would have to pay 2,500 euros once a year. The millionaires' tax would hit the richest four to five percent of households, according to the union.

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