Is Amazon bigger than Facebook

Bitcoin will be bigger than Apple, Amazon and Facebook?

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, explains in an interview why he and his company bought Bitcoin worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

MicroStrategy made a huge investment in Bitcoin this year, and it turns out it was perhaps the best decision the management of this company has ever made. MicroStrategy is a cloud-based business analytics company that has stayed under the radar of investors with quarterly income statements. CEO Michael Saylor turned the story around when the company started buying bitcoin in August.

Saylor made a seemingly wise business decision when he decided to store his company's cash and cash equivalents in Bitcoin. He made this decision against the backdrop of extremely low interest rates that would consume MicroStrategy's cash reserve value.

In a new interview on CNBC's Fast Money program, Saylor explains why he believes Bitcoin is far superior to gold and is currently the best safe-haven treasury reserve in the world. He also believes that Bitcoin will be bigger than Facebook, Amazon, etc.

“Bitcoin will be bigger than the stocks of FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). It will be bigger than Apple, Amazon, Facebook, the social networks. And now is the ideal time to get involved, because 99% of investors don't understand what I just said, and with $ 350 billion in monetary energy on the Bitcoin network, it's all but unstoppable at this point. "

The financial world is changing rapidly, and MicroStrategy is leading the move to blockchain-based balance sheet management. Saylor believes that with a better understanding of Bitcoin, more investors will invest:

“I think that as investors learn the history of Bitcoin, they will migrate their capital to the Bitcoin network, and that will create a cycle of adoption, followed by price appreciation, followed by appreciation, followed by technological innovation. You'll see Square and PayPal. Soon it will be Apple and Google. That will lead to more acceptance, and that means that you really want to get your company involved in the Bitcoin monetary network. That's probably the biggest thing that has happened in the last decade. "


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