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French is considered a world language because it is spoken in over 50 countries; French is also the official language in France, Belgium, Canada and many others. According to a study from 2005, 11% of European citizens speak French as a foreign language - French is the third most widely learned foreign language in Europe after English and German.

French is also called the language of love. How so? Well, there are different reasons. On the one hand, especially in the 19th century, the educated nobility in France, especially Paris, were very popular and the romantic image of Paris as the “City of Lights” was quickly spread. The French chansons, sung by greats like Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, are also to blame for this positive prejudice. These French love songs caused a sensation worldwide and gave the French language the title as the language of love.

If we were already with “French as the language of love”: Have you ever written a love letter in French? No? Then it is high time. Although the German language has pet names like Schatz, Maus or Liebes, we can learn a lot from French. French pet names like “chérie”, “mon amour” and “mon cœur” have a very special flair and sound a lot more romantic. With the German French dictionary you will find all the romantic words you need in no time.

The German French dictionary not only helps you with writing love letters. The useful phrases will also help you if you want to translate an application, a résumé or a business letter from German into French. The phrases are a large collection of the most important and most common expressions in the French language for work, science, travel and many other areas and make your life significantly easier. Thanks to the practical phrases in German and French, you are perfectly prepared for the next trip, the next job interview or presentation and you can also expand your vocabulary.

You can also expand your vocabulary with the numerous German-French tests, vocabulary trainers and games. They help you to learn French in a playful way or to improve your existing French vocabulary and to get to know new words. If you can't find a word, someone from the German French forum will certainly help you. In our dictionary forum you can post questions about words, idioms or other information and you will be informed as soon as someone has answered your question.

The German French dictionary allows you to easily discover, learn and understand French in a playful way. With the German French dictionary you can quickly find translations, the vocabulary trainer helps you to practice precisely these French words, with the games and tests you consolidate and repeat your vocabulary and in the forum you have the opportunity to join in Exchange people from all over the world.

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