What happened to Cotton Eye Joe

"Cotton Eye Joe" This is what the boys and girls from "Rednex" became

In addition to "Mr. President "or" Dr. Alban ”, the 90s gave birth to another rather crazy Eurodance formation: In 1994 three Swedish producers founded“ Rednex ”, a colorful group of techno cowboys. And she landed a worldwide success with her debut single. For ten weeks, “Cotton Eye Joe” stayed at the top of the German charts.

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The song wasn't all that new, just a cover version of a US country song in which the folk instruments banjo and violin met pumping, synthetic bass beats.

There is nothing left of the original

But soon there was tension between the five band members. Front singer Annika Ljungberg (47) got out after two years and started a solo career. In 2006, however, she returned to "Rednex". In the following years she took part with the group twice in the preliminary rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest, but without success. Management kicked her out again. In 2015 she founded a band that she called "Cotton Eye Joe" - C E J for short.

Patrick Edenberg, one of the founders, only stepped into the limelight for a short time, but quickly retired to the background as a producer. Even today he still writes and arranges songs for “Rednex” and continues to market the hit “Cotton Eye Joe”.

The Violinist Kent Olander and Have Arstrand different turned her back on the public after her exit. In contrast to Jonas Nilsson: The former Banjo player the troupe is still musically active - but in a completely different genre: it is now dedicated to Swedish hardcore punk.

Officially, the band still exists - since they were founded 16 different musicians appeared in different constellations under the name "Rednex". However, none of the formations could build on the success of their world hit "Cotton Eye Joe".

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