What processor does the iPhone 4 have

Apple iPhone 4 S: An iPhone 4 with a dual-core processor

A5 processor from Apple
Photo: 9to5macApple has started distributing a new version of the iPhone 4 to software developers according to a report by the online portal 9to5mac. According to the report, this has the dual-core processor already known from the iPad 2, which Apple has named A5.

A5 processor from Apple
Photo: 9to5mac This gives game developers in particular the opportunity to test the performance of the applications they have developed with an iPhone that has this more powerful processor. For the next generation of Apple smartphones, the A5 processor is expected to be standard on board.

Already in the software development kit (SDK) of the current version 4.3.2 of the iOS operating system, references to the use of the dual-core processor in the iPhone 4 were found. The version of the multimedia cell phone delivered to end customers, on the other hand, still only has the A4 processor.

The developer version of the iPhone 4, like the iPhone 3G S at the time, is only a small product update compared to the previous model of the cell phone. It remains to be seen whether such an "iPhone 4 S" will also be sold to end users.

There should be at least one minor change in the iPhone 4 in white, which is expected shortly, compared to the black version of the device. For example, Apple changed the design of the proximity sensor after it had malfunctions so far. These were mainly expressed in the fact that the touchscreen was not switched off reliably during a telephone call, so that unintentional operating steps were carried out.

ultrasn0w available for iOS 4.3.2

The SIM unlock software ultrasn0w, available in the unofficial Cydia AppStore, is now also compatible with the current firmware, iOS 4.3.2. However, ultrasn0w 1.2.2 does not unlock all versions of the modem software that Apple installs on the iPhone along with the firmware. In addition, a jailbreak is a prerequisite for unlocking the iPhone 3G S or iPhone 4 for any SIM card that is not authorized by the manufacturer.

We do not recommend the emergency solution of installing modem software that is actually intended for the iPad. This step cannot be reversed and the iPhone is always recognizable as a device on which the user has modified the operating system. The consequence is the loss of the manufacturer's guarantee. In addition, users report that the GPS function can no longer be used on at least some devices after baseband modification.