Where is the Pangong lake

Banggong Co (Pangong Tso Lake)

The Banggong Co is a well-known border lake. It is located in the north of Rutog County and extends west to areas outside of Tibet. The greater part of Banggong Co is in Tibet, the smaller in Kashmir. The lake is 155 km long in east-west direction, but has an average width of 2 to 5 km, the widest point in north-south direction is only 15 km.

The Banggong Co actually consists of 3 smaller lakes that are connected by watercourses. It has an area of ​​593km² and is 4,242m above sea level. The greatest depth is 57m. The eastern part of the lake (belonging to Tibet) has fresh water, the western part (partly belonging to Kashmir) has salt water. The Tibetan part has clear water, but is only surrounded by a sparse cover of plants. Cashmere, on the other hand, is wrapped in thick vegetation.

Origin of the name "Banggong Co"

"Banggong" means "grass-covered moor" in Indian. In Tibetan the lake is called "Comnganglaringbo Co", which means something like "long-necked crane lake".

Worth seeing

In the water there are enormous numbers of a special Tibetan carp: a large fin on its belly gives the impression that its belly has burst. This species of carp has adapted very well to the harsh conditions of the Tibetan highland lakes. In the lake there is a very small island of about 300m by 200m, which serves as a breeding ground for over 20 bird species and is therefore the highest bird island in the world. Numerous relics of prehistoric culture can be seen around the lake, such as a palace that is very similar to the Potala Palace in Lhasa.