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The rules of this draft regulation on banking service careers, as well as on the introduction of preparation for the upper intermediate banking service at the Deutsche Bundesbank's university of applied sciences, derogate from the Federal Regulation on public service careers.
The regulations of this ordinance on careers of the banking service as well as on the implementation of the preparatory service for the upscale Banking service at the University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank deviate from the regulations of the Federal Career Ordinance.

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In addition, it will offer private banking services at supra-regional distribution branches belonging to the other market segments.
In addition, the HSH in the supraregional sales branches of the other private market segments Banking services to offer.
The Commission is aware of the Belgian law, which introduces minimum banking services at a national level.
WWS ATM is a proven, multivendor ATM software platform that supports the introduction of feature-rich banking services at ATM and Kiosk devices whilst also delivering significant reductions in operational and technology costs.
WinWebServer from Auriga is a proven and manufacturer-independent software platform that enables the introduction of new Banking service functions ATMs and kiosk devices are supported and at the same time operating and technical costs are significantly reduced.
However, on the one hand, the Commission recommendation does not appear to include access to credit while, on the other, it refers to the availability of basic banking services at a 'reasonable cost'.
However, the Commission's recommendation does not seem to include access to credit on the one hand and access to on the other Banking services the basis of "reasonable costs" is mentioned.
To get the basic banking service at KBC, you have to meet the following criteria: You do not have this service or a current account at KBC or any other bank.
It provides personal banking services as well as a wide network of ATMs and SMS banking services to handle transactions conveniently and everywhere.
Particular controversy has centered on the provision of banking services by CSDs.
Some local custodians feel that they are facing unfair competition for banking services from CSDs / ICSDs.
Some local custodians consider that they are involved in the Provision of Banking services face unfair competition from CSDs / ICSDs.
Landsbankinn will execute all requests for transfer of banking services in a swift manner.
Over the past decades, the Union has made considerable progress in creating an internal market for banking services.
The Union has made significant strides in creating an internal market for Banking services made.
Sparkasse KölnBonn provides banking services for retail clients and corporate clients.
The savings bank provides Banking services for private customers (private customer business) and companies (corporate customer business).
The legislative proposal on access to banking services and mortgage credit is welcome.
MEPs in the committee emphasize, moreover, that access to basic banking services is a right for all.
In the report drawn up by Horst SCHNELLHARDT (CDU), the Environment Committee also advocates placing an "undue burden" on small companies avoid.
The Bank also provides banking services through the national post offices.
A full banking service is offered to business and individuals.
Refocus of business on Ireland, offering corporate and retail banking services.
It offers banking services in competition with other European banks inside and outside Germany.
The NordLB provides Banking services in competition with other European banks inside and outside Germany.
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