How can I remove eBay feedback

Deleting eBay ratings: How to remove unjustified negative ratings

4. What does a deletion cost by a lawyer?

If you hire a partner lawyer from advocado to have an unjustified eBay review deleted, the cost per review will be 200 euros (net).

The partner lawyer can do the deletion as well out of court push through. Only when eBay refuses can it make sense to file a lawsuit. This results in court and lawyer fees. The amount depends on the amount in dispute, which the court determines individually.

If you want to calculate the costs individually and without obligation, use the process and court costs calculator. In a free initial assessment Our partner lawyer will also provide you with transparent information about all costs and options for assuming the costs.

Cost assumption by the other side

If an author with a negative review has violated applicable law, he may be obliged to pay damages. So he has to you reimburse all coststhat were necessary to enforce a deletion: the attorney's fee and also the court costs.

Depending on the severity of the damage to your reputation, the court can order your customers to make further payments - for example if the evaluation has demonstrably led to a drop in sales.

Costs taken over by the legal protection insurance

Many commercial sellers have legal expenses insurance. Whether this will also cover the costs for the legal deletion of an unjustified eBay rating depends on the chosen one Insurance tariff dependent.

An advocado partner lawyer will be happy to submit a free coverage request to your legal protection insurer. Please describe your case here.

5. Three ways to react to a negative eBay review yourself

There are 3 optionsto respond to an unjustified eBay review on your own: You can request the deletion on eBay, ask the author to revise it or respond to the unjustified review with a comment.

These options can be enough if your income doesn't depend on success on the sales platform. Opposite the deletion by a lawyer there is 2 disadvantages:

  • Whether to delete or not is often a borderline decision. Because there is less pressure on eBay without a lawyer, the chances of success may be lower.
  • If eBay deletes the review, at least it will usually pass by then 4 to 6 weeks. The unjustified rating can be seen in your profile for other eBay members.

Option I: Apply for deletion on eBay

If a negative review violates internal guidelines or laws, you can delete it in 7 steps apply directly to eBay. You have 30 days to do this.

  1. Log in to eBay.
  2. Open the application form to remove reviews.
  3. Enter the article number of the improperly rated article.
  4. Enter the username of the author.
  5. Select the reason for removing the rating.
  6. If necessary, explain the chosen reason in more detail and argue for the deletion.
  7. Submit application.

If the same person has submitted several inadmissible ratings that you want to remove for similar reasons, you can request the deletion of up to 10 eBay ratings at the same time by entering different article numbers (step 3).

You can have one as evidence Copy of the application to be sent to your e-mail address. To do this, select the appropriate check box before submitting.

Ideally, eBay will approve your application after an internal review and delete the rating. The process usually takes at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Option II: Ask the buyer to revise the eBay rating

If eBay rejects the deletion request, you can ask the reviewer to revise it.

4 requirements must be met for a revision:

  • Problem solved: The problem outlined in the assessment must be resolved.
  • No revision: The rating must not have been revised yet.
  • 30-day period: The evaluation must not be older than 30 days.
  • Evaluation points account: For every 1,000 evaluation points received (regardless of whether they are positive, neutral or negative), a seller can submit up to 5 requests for revision.

Are all requirements fulfilled, you can request the revision of the negative eBay rating in 7 steps:

  1. Open eBay rating portal.
  2. Log in to eBay.
  3. Click on "Request revision of a rating (for sellers)".
  4. Click the rating to be revised.
  5. Select the "Give the buyer a reason for requesting" option.
  6. Enter reason.
  7. Submit application.

The buyer then receives an email notification and has 10 days timeto revise the rating. If he does not respond, the request expires. The rating remains unchanged in your profile.

If the buyer revises their feedback, the original text is no longer visible. In addition to the corrected rating, other users only see an indication that it is a revision.

Option III: Comment on a negative rating

If you do not succeed in deleting the negative rating on eBay or in having the buyer adjust it, you only have to respond to it with a comment. That always works and so you can at least limit the damage.

Even if the negative rating remains visible in your profile, you show other customers with a comment that you have tried to clarify the problem and thereby prove professionalism and customer orientation.

Write a comment in 4 steps:

  1. Go to the eBay rating portal.
  2. Select the “Reply to Review Received” option.
  3. Select the relevant assessment and in the column "Next step" select the entry "Answer".
  4. Write and send a comment.
6. FAQ: an overview of the most important things
Can sellers have a negative review deleted on eBay?

Yes, if the review violates eBay guidelines or the law - e.g. B. if a buyer is offensive or alleges untrue facts.

Negative eBay reviews - what is allowed?

A negative evaluation is permissible and protected by freedom of expression if it is formulated objectively and truthfully.

How can I change my rating as a buyer on eBay?

As a buyer, you cannot change a rating yourself - you have to ask the seller to submit a request to eBay to revise the rating. After you've done that, the process is as follows:

  1. The seller selects the point "Request revision of a review" in the form.
  2. The seller selects the review to be revised.
  3. The seller selects "Give the buyer a reason for request" as the reason for the request.
  4. Seller may fill out the text box to send a message or information to the buyer.
  5. He clicks on "Send".
  6. The buyer receives a notification that they can now revise the review.